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DMB1991-05-11.SBD>MCS>Cass(4).shnf (Unknown)

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Hello Everyone

I found a ton of old shows and I would like to upload them to the site. This is my first show uploading and I hope I did it correctly. Any questions please let me know. I also have a ton of old tapes that I am not seeing on here and when I get to that point I will upload those also.

South Street Warehouse, Charlottesville, VA

Taper: Unknown
Source: SBD > MCS > Cass(4)

Equip: cass(4)> D6> Phillips CDR 765 > ...????

What Would You Say
One Sweet World
Song That Jane Likes
All Along The Watchtower
Cry Freedom
Typical Situation

5fafd7491a80084dc56d40a5bac608ff *dmb1991-05-11d1t06 - Warehouse.shn
6bdd65fd90318f9d6780dd489768851c *dmb1991-05-11d1t07 - Typical Situation.shn
970c8ffb9fcba7ccac1f0cf9400c6ef7 *dmb1991-05-11d1t02 - One Sweet World.shn
51fa1c719a804dd898203c454236eb94 *dmb1991-05-11d1t03 - The Song That Jane Likes.shn
f28f55a3d190fc7a26ff83ccfa31ec09 *dmb1991-05-11d1t04 - All Along The Watchtower.shn
45f6eb2cb20f4a7c9b44f6e16c1264b7 *dmb1991-05-11d1t05 - Cry Freedom.shn
444045491acfa78c011ebfa4335d2938 *dmb1991-05-11d1t01 - What Would You Say.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB1991-05-11.SBD>MCS>Cass(4).shnf (Unknown)

    Isn't this 9/1/91?
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