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D&T1996-02-05.tcdd7.flac16 (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
February 5, 1996
Stevens Auditorium (Iowa State University)
Ames, IA

Taper: Unknown
Source: Core Sound Binaurals->Sony TCD-D7
From: Unknown - Mics worn on tapers head

DAT>SHN:Louie Rendek
Equip: Archive Python DDS/dat2wav > .wav; no soundcard
Soundforge for resampling & CDWAV used for tracking

SHN>SHN:Andrew Knowles
Equip: Matshita CR-5850 for extracting two batch shns
Soundforge 4.5 used to re-attach shns
CDWAV used for tracking

Reconversion: Shn's>wav>Soundforge 8.0 for volume adjustments>flac frontend at level 5

************************************************** *********************
*******DO NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE FOR PROFIT****************************
************************************************** *********************

Disc 1

01: Intro * 00:19
02: Satellite * 06:15
03: So Much to Say * 05:15
04: #41 @ 06:32
05: Granny 03:26
06: Warehouse (Passion intro) 10:56
07: One Sweet World--> 04:51
08: Dancing Nancies 06:41
09: Deed Is Done 04:46
10: Crash Into Me 06:04
11: What Would You Say--> 04:47
12: Minarets--> 05:14
13: Typical Situation 07:16

Total time- 72:54

Disc 2

14: Jimi Thing--> 05:29
15: What Will Become of Me 02:27
16: Say Goodbye 05:33
17: Two Step 07:02
18: Stream $ 06:18
19: Seek Up 08:04
20: Tripping Billies (Nature intro) 05:41
21: Christmas Song (All You Need is Love/Can't Buy Me Love) 06:40
22: Recently (Some Do,Some Don't/Norgweigan Wood) 05:37
23: Radar Contact $ 04:23
24: War Pigs (partial) % 00:36
25: Watermelon Smilin' on the Vine 00:56

Total time- 59:15

Disc 3

26: Nature (partial) 01:14
27: Lie in Our Graves 06:24
28: I'll Back You Up 05:12
29: All Along the Watchtower 09:15


30: Little Thing 04:57
31: Ants Marching 05:05

Total time- 32:21

$ Tim solo
% Black Sabbath cover

* Previoulsy missing tracks
@ Previously incomplete track

Original shn source notes:

< > cut from CSB->D7 source
+ w/ great comment from the taper in the intro
+ At the begining of this song you hear a girl copme in and ask some
guy if they have played Satellite yet. He says "yes", and she says
"Damn." I only mention this because at other points in the show you
can hear her yelling "Satellite." I just wonder if it's the same
girl from the next night at Luther College?
* w/ "All You Need Is Love" and "Can't Buy Me Love" outros
% w/ Some Do/Don't and Norwegian Wood intros
# Samples cover. For some dude who was screaming for it.

A five second fade out was added to the end of d3t04 and some crowd
noise was cut out where the taper was taking his gear down.

* compiled by Andrew Knowles on September 30, 2001.


Reconversion notes:

Received a partial copy of this show on cd from Nick which contained the missing first 2 tracks Satellite and SMTS and a complete #41. Using Soundforge 8,applied fade in for intro track then applied a +3.0db volume increase to tracks 5 through 31 to equal the level of the missing tracks plus the complete #41. Applied a crossfade between the complete #41 and Granny and resplit these tracks using Cd Wav Editor. Encoded all wavs to flac frontend to create a complete set of flac files and fingerprints.

Additional notes: Not mentioned on the original source is the fact that there is sharp clapping and occasional yelling on the tape and appears to be the same person, perhaps someone sitting right behind the taper. The vocals are quite distant so the taper was probably sitting far away and or high up in the stands of the auditorium.

Thanks to Nick Halfen for the cd source containing the missing tracks that made this reconversion possible and making this show now a complete source.

Compiled and reconverted by Tom Gambichler on October 19, 2009

d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t01.flac:0ef28e7c45683a83accf60b36d8d bbe5
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t02.flac:079b08381ca0fcca8fd903e3404d cd0c
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t03.flac:69f6c75eac5baf78aca5b42973d1 da15
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t04.flac:1fb5941cd648c186701d642d8953 5f21
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t05.flac:50c50472166e8a31fd911f508dc7 24a3
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t06.flac:4986060287dbbd879a7093f63f66 584c
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t07.flac:4f8d1feb5b2907fd8de316581d27 d75f
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t08.flac:677a09152b6bce7b95ab1fc6641c c577
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t09.flac:d6a6380e3b49f70ae6060316b60f e981
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t10.flac:9322b1c5f24281a8ee8e71c19a68 0b4e
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t11.flac:003e7d0ef5c0fea5e5e1bc26a535 d8cd
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t12.flac:942af7262a4e02d9ac43b28a7958 5ebd
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t13.flac:b6007856f243b156248162db4a2a 7c08
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t14.flac:65cd89949076da8520366e7ba13e fb29
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t15.flac:8a86c5fd48f6505225db98d09a77 f635
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t16.flac:d98d324137a5b5b8a117ffbefebf 9198
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t17.flac:251ba99a2a4b6c45e4cad9c35f5a e1fd
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t18.flac:eef630460c07ef06fc76773a2073 60ef
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t19.flac:d0e0037df06df77ba04b4d8e8601 387a
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t20.flac:f7a9076572796b098cf835370258 4e07
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t21.flac:a63770749cd85a7b83696fff8326 08e1
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t22.flac:d5dd7b33070764f72e62b815c523 985d
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t23.flac:564ab9d5f56838fe8fa5eee941a8 99af
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t24.flac:8c770ccaf51a7b7e025783661ffb 76d4
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t25.flac:af1dd0f4cec1172276f21ee3c7c0 8c46
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t26.flac:2df71fa99e7b72fcfae672e29ee5 d830
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t27.flac:fef8c8234680df51550124cab19a 9b3d
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t28.flac:7cb15cc97d3c415ee853cd1c371b 478a
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t29.flac:555cfe6ca5813946c247b6a5480f 08b4
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t30.flac:12d3b5d39883133de42015a0844e 0efc
d+t1996-02-05.reconvert.t31.flac:b2f989c10082a038cda4d0250304 79da

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

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