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DMB2020-02-28.akgc1000s.flac24 (Zachary Semcken)

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Dave Matthews Band
February 28, 2020
The Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas - Las Vegas, NV

*** The normal 16 bit CD quality version of this show is available for download/CD burning ***

Taper: Zachary Semcken
Source: AKG C1000S > XLR > Tascam DR-10mkiii (24/96)
Location: Soudbooth, Back of Floor, Mics DIN ~9'
Transfer: Tascam DR-10mkiii > PC
Editing: Wav > Adobe Audition > Audacity (Tracking) > FLAC (Level 8)

01. Introduction 02:33.531
02. Granny 05:25.278
03. Grey Street 05:57.896
04. #41 09:13.036
05. Do You Remember 05:47.079
06. What Would You Say 05:18.642
07. The Riff 07:47.461
08. Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd > 05:52.985
09. Warehouse! 12:24.029
10. Lying In The Hands Of God@ 12:11.354
11. Why I Am 05:20.998
12. Jimi Thing > 12:16.406
13. Tell Me Something Good# 04:46.589
14. Beach Ball 04:15.531
15. What You Are$ 06:58.319
16. Come Tomorrow 06:58.535
17. Long Train Runnin'% 03:55.224
18. Crash Into Me^ 06:17.738
19. Pantala Naga Pampa > 00:39.627
20. Rapunzel 06:23.578
21. Encore Break 06:27.826
22. Sweet Up And Down& > 03:26.804
23. Ants Marching* 10:15.982
Total: 2:30:34.448


! with vocal prelude, salsa jam
@ Bourbons & Lacs and American Baby Intro interpolations
# Chaka Khan cover, Buddy on lead vocals
$ includes prelude
% Doobie Brothers cover, Dave starts off in the wrong key
^ Dixie Chicken interpolation
& Major instrumental miscues
* Carter solo intro, Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) interpolation, includes Tim delay outro

Crowd is on the chatty side, but not too bad.
Thanks to Mark T for helping me with mastering, tracking, and converting.
Thanks to the DMB crew for letting me set up inside the cage.
This show (my first ever recording) is dedicated to all the tapers before me who have helped preserve this magnificent band.

Compiled on 2020-03-22

e8f7173f46cdcc99c484c84d5989e50f *dmb2020-02-28t01.flac
5b499729bee3ada407b8074783408d70 *dmb2020-02-28t02.flac
911b92052bfa55f1a843322c8114d3be *dmb2020-02-28t03.flac
ce78a81f41756d185d8efa172aaf7df7 *dmb2020-02-28t04.flac
dac9238bbb3e0b0af9bb418787859b6c *dmb2020-02-28t05.flac
c9c913cd19d970bf3a3a8ccb1db31c30 *dmb2020-02-28t06.flac
480110bc687e84631d873b130ed16aff *dmb2020-02-28t07.flac
8db3470885dd403e070badeb5320243d *dmb2020-02-28t08.flac
cc9c501b32b0e76869400fdc2b8f7974 *dmb2020-02-28t09.flac
10c61ede9e780d7572e4a65117f392cf *dmb2020-02-28t10.flac
1c68fef655bca47c4079e89fd746948d *dmb2020-02-28t11.flac
77ed65bfb398e9115df6b485cc889f02 *dmb2020-02-28t12.flac
d4cddc64e954968639b798af9869a65d *dmb2020-02-28t13.flac
965ae75166975dd11e1ee2aa473787e9 *dmb2020-02-28t14.flac
4c20dcff6a6a4d0e60afe3963f4f6007 *dmb2020-02-28t15.flac
ed4da5553bb38e984229b339fa1e3276 *dmb2020-02-28t16.flac
39d1bb3da39967d4b2337c025035f8c8 *dmb2020-02-28t17.flac
3c6e0613ad5c3191c6997db409b43c06 *dmb2020-02-28t18.flac
7fae1390ea9a076e275bc8e7536ac976 *dmb2020-02-28t19.flac
9ea626c650dffe4e17645ac5ebcf7fe8 *dmb2020-02-28t20.flac
7612f29deeb2b10a907c37862b2d4002 *dmb2020-02-28t21.flac
933376a6a93ac4f573968ca24b2b8396 *dmb2020-02-28t22.flac
d6c43b9dad978e1a2964625203f7efa4 *dmb2020-02-28t23.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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