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Bangor June 8 2016

OK. I'm going to do this but you'll have to bear with me because this is my first thread ever. I am 50, female, adore Dave, Carter and the band, and have stalked you Ants on this site for years looking for tips to shows, etc. Often, I find a review of a show someone posts that I just love because you all point out things I never would have noticed. That's what I was looking for this morning - but there is no review so far. So here goes....but its novice so give me a break.

I don't know technicalities. I recognize heart and last night was the most joyous, rich, heart-felt concert I've been to in years. I told my husband, who was next to me in the pit all night, that we're used to the Allman Bros who are free-flowing, definitely not perfect and very disjointed from each other when they play (that said, LOVE them and would never mean to disrespect) DMB last night was truly enjoying themselves from all indication. Dave & Carter fistbumped, smiled at each other, pointed at each other in acknowledgement all night. I've seen them acknowledge each other in special moments (like the first time I heard Mercy in West Palm. It was just after the Colorado theatre rampage and I felt like Dave really meant it to be a commentary on that news. it was very meaningful) but I've never seen that much interaction between them. They obviously love and respect each other. The way Carter leads them all through the tempo changes without, seemingly, a hitch is just amazing and they all seem to know it and want to share it with each other. My husband likes Panic so I've seen them perform many times and its so different than this. This band seems to love to play together and with each other but Dave always remembers we're out there in front of him and plays for us to. I noticed and I wish I could tell him personally how much I appreciate that.

Ok - so from the beginning....we decided to head downtown early from our hotel (we are in from Savannah) because I saw a TV news item that traffic was expected to be a snarl with Ringo's band downtown too. I had no idea how small Bangor is, lol. But we parked (for free, around the corner from the venue, were out in 5 min after the show....a FAR cry from being stuck in a parking lot for hours like at the shows we saw in San Diego and LA and it appears we will experience tomorrow night in Mansfield!) So, when we go to the pavilion and saw a line for Warehouse members we joined and had an easy 45 min wait in the grass until they let us in. It seems like our whole Warehouse line got in before they open GA for the rest - but once I was in I'm not sure of course. There was really nice communication from the gate people telling us what was going to happen and it seemed to go down as they said - first 50, next 50, then everyone. I may have been in the first 100, not sure. We walked right down to the stage and were in the third row back on Stefan's side. I had room to dance, everyone around me was lovely, a few infiltrator's came in late (2, really) but didn't stay long and otherwise it was our group from the beginning to the end. I stood next to two young guys who were like conductors - they knew when everyone was going to come in with their solos and tracked what Carter was doing with the tempo changes almost to perfection. One time they reacted to him and he looked right at them and practically thumbs up - right in the middle of the song. I was sure one of them would get sticks (by the way, sticks before the encore but not after. After, he signed a jersey and gave it to someone on the other side of the stage that he was completely enamored with. Even practically had a conversation with from the stage - who that was I have no idea but bask in Carter's glow let me tell you! Also here I will tell you that after the encore, Dave took a cell phone from the front line and took his picture with us in it. He had previously reacted to that person too - they really know we are out there loving them. It felt like love coming back at me)

I can't speak to the setlist, the authenticity, the flow. You guys are much better than that....I'm just not qualified. For me, my 20th or so show, I loved it. I did not miss Jimi Thing or Grey Street at all. I LOVED the soaring vocals of Don't Drink the Water and #41 and we all sang together on Typical which was nice. I'm sure we all sang together on a lot of those songs, if not all, but I was in the pit all night and mostly couldn't tell what was happening behind me. I thought the jam on Seek Up was EPIC as was Dancing Nancies/Typical and the groove of Digging a Ditch was really nice. When they play Pantala Naga Pampa, I swoon because its so special (but I prefer it kicking off the show to be perfectly honest) I'm not sure I've ever heard Rooftop live - loved it last night. The new song was interesting - my husband liked it. I'll have to hear it again before I can decide. How in the world the kids next to me knew the words already? Internet, gotta love it. And while I'm at it - how can they telepathically predict the song before a note is played?? He called Satellite and they hadn't played a note - how did he do that? Impressive. Those two were true Dave fans and I thoroughly enjoyed sharing a tiny space of the world with them last night. (as to the gentleman next to me to my right who was shouting every manor of adoration at the band because it was the greatest, most spectacular, earth shattering experience of his life - amusing dude but you might want to get out more. and I'm pretty sure you're gay - not that there's anything wrong with that - just so you know. I've not heard that many men in my life be willing to proclaim loud and proud that you would wear a skirt for Dave. lol)

I like that Boyd came out later, after the core got started - he got a little extra attention and he deserves it. He seems like such a sweet guy - different vibe from him than the relationship that Dave & Carter have but key to the band. His solo's were amazing as usual. He played with Dave twice and with Stefan once. The trumpet section was good too but not as focal to the effort as I've seen them before. Especially Roshawn, though I did love his vocal with Dave late in the show (I can't remember which song....that's what I mean....I'm a novice)

It was a beautiful night. I felt like they played a classic setlist. I've seen them with special guests (Warren on Cortez in West Palm, the Brazilian flutist the next year in WP, Gary Clark Jr, Greg Allman on Melissa with Dave at Piedmont will always be my favorite live moment ever) but this was just the band and at one point, the core 4 were together center stage and it was really touching to me. I was seeing the Dave Matthews Band as it was conceived and executed from the beginning and it was good. It was amazing. Dave wrote Typical what, 20 plus years ago? And he could have written it yesterday given the ridiculous news of the day. Mercy is so beautiful and Dave was classic on the piano - earnestly delivering that sweet melody and meaningful lyrics. The setlist definitely felt like a message he was trying to send.

We didn't know we'd be in the pit. We're ridiculous I know - we didn't even know it was GA until we got in the Warehouse line. I had no idea I would (or could) stand for 5 hours start to finish. I thought "after they play a few songs, I'll go sit on the lawn" but there was no way I was leaving the special view that I had of this band that I love. Thank you so much DMB. You really touch my soul.

Now, a little Dreamgirl at Mansfield tomorrow night. That's all I ask. Respectfully. Know that even if I don't get it, I will still love my evening with my best friend hearing the most dedicated, fan-based, entertaining group I've experienced. And in between nights, we're going to get to the ocean.

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    Re: Bangor June 8 2016

    Nice review.
    Grey Street 3rd verse is back!!!!!!!!

    07.18.2019 - R.I.P. Last Stop jam/reprise
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    Re: Bangor June 8 2016

    I enjoyed reading your review. It was thoughtful, well-written, and heartfelt. Your review makes me look forward to seeing DMB later this summer when they make their way to the Midwest. Thank you for sharing your experience!
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    Re: Bangor June 8 2016

    Loved, loved, loved your review! As a 53 yo female fan, I could identify so strongly with everything you wrote! THANK YOU! I have tickets for both upcoming shows in Camden, and am thinking about trading my pit tix for Saturday for lowers - now you are giving me second thoughts!
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