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Dave Matthews
March 16, 2001 3pm CST
She-Nannigan's House of Beer
WXRT 93.1 FM Radio Broadcast
Chicago, IL

Taper: Collin Quick
Source: FM Broadcast > Sony STR-D360Z Receiver > TEAC V-44C Stereo Cassette Deck

Conversion: Matthew Parkinson Tape > CDR Phillips CD/T 930 > Phillips CDR 930

Reconversion: Shn's>EAC>wav>Soundforge 8.0 for volume adjustments>
Flac Frontend (level 5)

************************************************** ************
************************************************** ************

Disc One:

01. Intro 02:58
02. Everyday (#36 Outro) 03:49
03. Interview Pt. 1 06:22
04. The Space Between 03:57
05. I Did It & 00:36
06. Interview Pt. 2 07:27
07. Bartender 04:16
08. Interview Pt. 3 05:22
09. Grace Is Gone 04:16
10. The Stone $ 06:42

Total: 45:51

& Tease, B-52's style version
$ Can't Help Falling in Love outro

The cd source I received is most likely the Collin Quick cassette recording of this FM broadcast. The source is listed on but is not out in circulation.

UPDATE: I managed to obtain the shn files from someone who had the source listed on and it appears to be one and the same source, however it is not the original shn set. I also see no source information for this broadcast on

Reviewed the wav files from the shn set for errors and possible adjustments. The left channel was close to 4db lower than the right channel. Using Soundforge 8, applied +4db to left channel on all tracks. There were no problems with any of the tracks other than volume inbalance and the warbling sound you hear from a cassette source. Encoded to flac using Flac Frontend and created flac files and fingerprints.

Special thanks to Nick Halfen for the donation of this cd for the conversion. Thanks to Rachel Fischer for sending me the shn files to compare to the cd source and use for this reconversion.

Compiled and reconverted by Tom Gambichler on November 3, 2009

dm2001-03-16.WXRTfm.reconvertt01.flac:10e9b03202230998def499 85e8a8f588
dm2001-03-16.WXRTfm.reconvertt02.flac:fd3176776d8d16d2ed5932 3a1b6a09c4
dm2001-03-16.WXRTfm.reconvertt03.flac:1c03ae3b3e194980482ffa fab11f4aae
dm2001-03-16.WXRTfm.reconvertt04.flac:c6b7a04ec11e1045f6a1f0 9f60593aeb
dm2001-03-16.WXRTfm.reconvertt05.flac:47a3a3c02ed2fed5e3f1b0 1c19ee3d54
dm2001-03-16.WXRTfm.reconvertt06.flac:d907fdced21f72b0bf692e 3592f142b9
dm2001-03-16.WXRTfm.reconvertt07.flac:26ff2ec4f86c420c9ca1e6 86045f7286
dm2001-03-16.WXRTfm.reconvertt08.flac:120757d1bae43c68e93b38 630006d4b4
dm2001-03-16.WXRTfm.reconvertt09.flac:48c91b6f14e55876f1b2a7 752382092e
dm2001-03-16.WXRTfm.reconvertt10.flac:68d62c1fac450e14240aff aa8fa00ea8

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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