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DMB1991-04-03.ASBD(UnknownGen.)>CD.shnf (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
various 1991 dates
unknown basement/studio demos

Source: ASBD (Unknown Gen.) > CD
Conversion: Optimus SCT-86 > AudioSource EQ 100 > Pioneer PDR-555RW [Eric Naylor]
Editing: GoldWave v4.02 [Eric Naylor]


Track Title Time (m:s)
d1t01 Mother's Night * 06:46.69

d1t02 Recently ** 06:10.14
d1t03 Warehouse 05:11.24
d1t04 The Best of What's Around 05:17.17
d1t05 I'll Back You Up 04:00.06
d1t06 The Song That Jane Likes 02:46.01

d1t07 The Song That Jane Likes # 02:51.53
d1t08 Tripping Billies 03:59.70
d1t09 Recently 04:45.17

d1t10 Minarets $ 03:46.53
d1t11 Ants Marching 03:42.52
d1t12 Dancing Nancies 04:17.14
d1t13 People, People 03:50.50
d1t14 Two Step 03:38.52

d1t15 I'll Back You Up @ 03:13.02
d1t16 Redemption Song 01:56.62

Total 66:12.6


This is a compilation of several basement and studio demos from 1991, as well as two early live
tracks. Thanks to Jake Vigliotti for added insight into these dates.

* This is a Dave solo basement recording from around 1-2/91. This is the only known recording of
this song. It is very likely that this is the "Dark song" mentioned by Tim Reynolds in
Step Into The Light. If that's true, the date could be as early as 8.89.

** This is a full band demo recorded in a basement around 2-3/91, before Boyd & Peter joined the
band. This is the only known recording of I'll Back You Up with the entire band playing. The
last few seconds of The Song That Jane Likes are cut off.

# Boyd was asked to sit in with the band's rehearsals in order to record a demo of Tripping
Billies around 3-4/91. This is that demo. Boyd joined the band permanently about a year

$ The first three tracks of this demo are Dave solo, and the second two are with the full band
(including Peter). This demo is probably from a studio around 12/91 or early '92. The end of
Two Step seems to be cut off on this recording.

@ These are two Dave solo live tracks from late '90 or early '91, probably from Miller's. He
mentions that he is playing alone, alluding to the possibility that a band will join him
shortly. This was most likely recorded prior to a TR3 show for which Dave sat in.

UPDATE: This CD has been broken up and distributed in various portions (12.90 Dave solo, 11.90 Greg
Howard demo), but those dates are not accurate, so if you trade this show, trade the
entire CD, not just portions of it. (4.13.02- Jake)

Compiled by Eric Naylor

84312d066c23a2e8b075a0dd6c44ddb4 *Track01.shn
e1bf9c8ec7981dc2e7999069c065ef1e *Track02.shn
a2071448e6914a36c931e28c93085890 *Track03.shn
1c78e015f288d42169322fa7f6ae813a *Track04.shn
f2f3e0ef22f99f55efd53cafbda892da *Track05.shn
744b922e8940e6b1cfa1d84199689700 *Track06.shn
7c271cc9128a3ce149340293946ed8ac *Track07.shn
5e8f8b9a2a939dcbfcd88004542ce30b *Track08.shn
97457465e17a93f5844e0602df5e8d5c *Track09.shn
44156f07e0aad0c560962df52570c4dd *Track10.shn
daf38a7ea339dce083d6c9799d0e2424 *Track11.shn
0dd751b3494bf0e0d1c870771f27367a *Track12.shn
0524f849ebb3b8075d0aa8401b03c779 *Track13.shn
5da7a5210a54d954fbe50e5dc2c7bc40 *Track14.shn
fd61e1cdb07132f50dae5ee756cdc819 *Track15.shn
b267f7919085295f6626125b5881bcae *Track16.shn
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