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DM_2001-09-29.at853.shnf (Henry Hart)

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Dave Matthews
9-29-01 (Farm Aid)
Noblesville, IN
Deer Creek Music Center
(Sometimes inappropriately called the Verizon Wireless Music Center)

Taper: Henry Hart
Source: AT853's->Sound Pro's Battery Box->24 bit Oade Modified Sony
SBM-1 w/ Digi Out->Sony PCM-M1
From: 12th row, 4 seats from left aisle, section B

DAT>CD: Jon Ice (

Equip: Tascam DA-30 > Digital Coax > Sek'd Prodif32 >
Samplitude > Cool Edit Pro > MKW Audio Compression Tool
** No DAE - DAT > .WAV > .SHN

************************************************** *****
************************************************** *****
************************************************** *****
************************************************** *****

01: Intro 02:14
02: Everyday 04:36
03: Bartender 06:19
04: Crush 06:28
05: One Sweet World 04:12
06: Space Between 03:51
07: I Did It 04:36
08: Song That Jane Likes 03:30
09: Don't Burn The Pig > 01:54
10: Satellite 03:23
11: Grace Is Gone * 04:46
12 Watchtower * 06:17

* With Micky Raphael on harmonica

Notes: Henry used my gear since his seats were a heck of a lot better than mine.
There is some wind noise present in the recording, but the show itself sounds fine.
Thanks to Christy Randell, Rachael Frentheway, Jay Delbridge, Kelly Shlater, and Bob, Haag for helping us get all the gear in. Full body pat downs aren't easy to get through. :o)

a0abf29db18f17d64034d47c189f2436 *dm2001-09-29-d1t01.shn
5f29eca9d6f2361ce44e8b8b25c0bda5 *dm2001-09-29-d1t02.shn
598a061ab4424bb32655c57e22b1d17e *dm2001-09-29-d1t03.shn
584f9eeb28d27324cfc45856b6dbc7f0 *dm2001-09-29-d1t04.shn
30a03810d223e9494c92c0265f1d9f3f *dm2001-09-29-d1t05.shn
084a3f0d4c868245440ae7150a8c26c4 *dm2001-09-29-d1t06.shn
16fc7cd722e54e6200136543187b89fa *dm2001-09-29-d1t07.shn
951269fb16a96835a2b509b016c5b8f1 *dm2001-09-29-d1t08.shn
35323888e0bcee33aa57a18437d19798 *dm2001-09-29-d1t09.shn
dfa8dee4cd5961664730abc998dedb0e *dm2001-09-29-d1t10.shn
b3650484038666452123e8ebe6256c2d *dm2001-09-29-d1t11.shn
df8fec8aedc5266331c1a5f0b4b56581 *dm2001-09-29-d1t12.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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