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DM_2001-05-26.sbd.shnf (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews
Aladdin Hotel
Blue Room Jazz Club
Las Vegas, NV
May 26, 2001

Source: SBD
Conversion: CD > wav (EAC 0.90 Beta 3) wav > SHN (MKW 0.97 Beta 1)

***** Seektables Appended to SHN *****

Disc 1:
01: Intro 02:11:33
02: When The World Ends 05:13:68
03: Bartender 04:26:07
04: The Space Between 03:50:57
05: I Did It (B-52's Style Tease) 00:51:34
06: The Stone (wise man says outro) 07:20:55
07: Don't Drink The Water (this land is your land outro) 06:26:26
08: Grace is Gone 03:42:21
09: Q&A with the audience 02:40:09
10: Watchtower 04:11:16
Total: 41:15

- Station Call letters edited out at approx. 3:55 on track 2 and at the beginning of track 5
- Source disc takes a commercial break after Bartender and at approx 5:09 on track 07. Thus the audio doesn't flow perfectly at these points.
- About 1 minute of the Q&A was edited off the disc I recieved compared to what was played on the Star98.7 KYSR LA webcast after the staples show 05-15-2002

Thanks to Joel for a copy of the master disc.

compiled by: Brian Yee

cd0431e4109ca7be379fd700261da0c7 *dm2001-05-26d01t01.shn
13b0f776c69a9af348f2b2a7805f418d *dm2001-05-26d01t02.shn
0d8187a0b4370629de360a68de186a12 *dm2001-05-26d01t03.shn
879bcef659739fd7febb0d64054acf83 *dm2001-05-26d01t04.shn
e3871cf3fbd735acbfcb73cfe561198d *dm2001-05-26d01t05.shn
c9162772dc04477ef5ae10cb81fde77f *dm2001-05-26d01t06.shn
a97280280ea13b2e7d0ef1b237f5d48c *dm2001-05-26d01t07.shn
a5ad7404ce6b8ad58bbcc665dfca56f9 *dm2001-05-26d01t08.shn
35caf35bab8f1ff2c783356bd99ac891 *dm2001-05-26d01t09.shn
578764b03333fa69e6c614d3dcbebd36 *dm2001-05-26d01t10.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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