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D&T2011-07-09.CA14.flac16 (soling)

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Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
DMB Caravan Lakeside
Chicago, Illinois
Lakeside Stage
July 9, 2011

CA14-omni (windcutters-wide ORTF) > ST9100 > Edirol R09 @24bit/48hz
SDHC > Sound Forge 10 > CD wave > TLH
Left side of SBD in VIP cage 9ft in the air
Taper: soling(sdolan@wi.rr.com)
Tagged in Foobar 2000

One Set: 52:12

01. Intro/Dave gibberish
02. Save Me
03. Where Are You Going
04. So Damm Lucky
05. Oh
06. Ee Hee
07. Old Dirt Hill
08. ? Tim instrumental
09. Grace Is Gone
10. Taste My Mouth
11. Dancing Nancies


Dave Matthews vocals, acoustic guitar
Tim Reynolds acoustic guitar

Thanks to Crumbo for making this tape happen.

Go see live music. Support those artists and venues that allow taping. See them live, buy their merchandise, bring a friend to the show. For trading only, never for sale. Preserve the music, trade in lossless formats only (keep mp3 for personal use)

1716285fc46677e353b73db3acc632d9 *DaveAndTim2011-07-09_CA14_TK01.flac
fa3127483c14147a6fa59144ba50daee *DaveAndTim2011-07-09_CA14_TK02.flac
d200fe5d70c89aca1d4629d52a5b1112 *DaveAndTim2011-07-09_CA14_TK03.flac
8cb45ce86ebf9351400892c24e9131c1 *DaveAndTim2011-07-09_CA14_TK04.flac
568932ce5c7540abf62fd531a9ea07d6 *DaveAndTim2011-07-09_CA14_TK05.flac
74af680a246882e5e47d27555e6a20d0 *DaveAndTim2011-07-09_CA14_TK06.flac
2d6345693275c9200fcc67249d8a0a14 *DaveAndTim2011-07-09_CA14_TK07.flac
691f83c51971e645c49a937d73d433c1 *DaveAndTim2011-07-09_CA14_TK08.flac
1bd321013a8772de85377ea6b4b2c83c *DaveAndTim2011-07-09_CA14_TK09.flac
8052cc3169ec69646192df3f19e26d18 *DaveAndTim2011-07-09_CA14_TK10.flac
0ca896f4d0e0c2a16d270feb6d6a33b3 *DaveAndTim2011-07-09_CA14_TK11.flac
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