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DMB1992-06-17.asbd.flac16 (Thomas Vinson)

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Dave Matthews Band
Richmond, VA
June 17, 1992

Taper: Thomas Vinson (and unknown vid taper)
Source Info: SBD/Aud -> VHS -> DVD

Conversion: Jason Stessel (JayBTV / Billie'sTV)

CD > flac: Audition extract Audio from VOBs --> TLH
(level 6)

Tracks split using CD Wave

Track | Name | Time (m:s)

Set I:

xxxxx Two Step (Included as Filler)

d1t01 Intro (00:16)
d1t02 Song That Jane Likes (03:12)
d1t03 Cry Freedom (06:11)
d1t04 Satellite (04:13)
d1t05 Ants Marching (05:23)
d1t06 Spotlight (05:48)
d1t07 One Sweet World (Swim Naked) (05:19)
d1t08 All Along The Watchtower (06:24)
d1t09 Minarets -> (05:31)
d1t10 Blue Water (09:06)
d1t11 Tripping Billies (04:36)
d2t12 So Much To Say (04:36)

d2t01 Best Of What's Around (09:31)
d2t02 True Reflections (06:56)
d2t03 The Maker (06:28)
d2t04 Dancing Nancies (06:25)
d2t05 Angel From Montgomery * (05:39)
d2t06 Warehouse (06:43)
d2t07 Help Myself (05:24)
d2t08 What Would You Say (04:37)
d2t09 Improv Jam -> (08:03)
d2t10 Typical Situation (08:18)
d2t11 Once On A Wild Afternoon (08:29)


Two Step (6:29) (Alt Source for continuity)

* = John Prine Cover

I went through hell to get this out for all of us.

As for notes. SBD starts part way through STJL (d1t02). SBD continues until
midway through Nancies where the SBD source cuts. Used the alternate audience
source (Never before released as well) and spliced the rest of the set on. Thus
from mid-nancies to the end of Wild Afternoon is audio from a video camera. Still
very good considering and MUCH MUCH better than the current circulating source (see
Two Step filler for comparison).

I included Cry Freedom from the circulating source (major gen loss) for continuity.
I didn't think it fit at the beginning of this recording since the other tracks all
sound great. Burn as you see fit.

This is the only known full performance of Wild Afternoon. It was cut on the prior
audio source of this show.

Dave makes a mistake during Best of What's Around which leads to an extended jam.

Stefan sings backup in a few places including Minarets and WWYS.

This cost me a lot of time and $$$ so please enjoy - did it for my love of DMB.


-JayBTV ( +

Compiled 10/18/09


Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB1992-06-17.asbd.flac16 (Thomas Vinson)

    Love this show, and would love to add it to my iPhone, but am getting errors when converting the the last two flac files to Apple Lossless, or any other format. All the other tracks convert just fine. Any ideas?
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    Re: DMB1992-06-17.asbd.flac16 (Thomas Vinson)

    Sorry... regarding last thread... I'm on a Mac, and have tried using XLD or xACT for the conversion. The flac files seem other wise to be just fine, since I can play them as is with VLC.
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