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D&T2017-04-01.srg.flac16 (Sergey Dimitrov)

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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds

Konzerthaus, Vienna, Austria
April 1, 2017

Taped by: Sergey Dimitrov
Feedback: https://www.facebook.com/sergey.dimitrov.de
A big Thank You to the DMB sound crew!
A big Shame On You to all yellers that came from the U.S.! Respect the musicians and the people around you that came to listen to the music!

*** Distribute only the original, unchanged set of files provided in a community style - no direct downloads!
*** Do not stream, remaster and distribute, embed in online videos the provided files without my explicit permission!
*** For non-commercial use only! Support Dave Matthews Band — http://davematthewsband.shop.musictoday.com/

01. Bartender
02. Satellite
03. One Sweet World
04. Minarets
05. Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)
06. Crush
07. Pretty Bird
08. Gravedigger
09. So Damn Lucky
10. Healing Notion *+
11. The Dreaming Tree
12. You & Me
13. Black and Blue Bird
14. Grey Street
15. Death on the High Seas
16. Save Me
17. Virginia in the Rain
18. Jimi Thing
19. Stream *
20. The Space Between
21. #41
22. Two Step
23. Dive In
24. Oh
25. Warehouse
26. Ants Marching

* Tim solo
+ song debut

dt2017-04-01_00 Intro.flac:c37ba317125a255e0ea3e6acf4cd044b
dt2017-04-01_01 Bartender.flac:b860633c78dc4cbcda2f3e460971aa07
dt2017-04-01_02 Satellite.flac:c8143d17a2c5cf2e22e9b0c30d89a168
dt2017-04-01_03 One Sweet World.flac:f6cb08f4a3b02a503f329d6bcaa48e00
dt2017-04-01_04 Minarets.flac:75ef1a926aca238bdd74c3cb589aca9b
dt2017-04-01_05 Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin).flac:a99f54d4217c794a849f1de1baa71600
dt2017-04-01_06 Crush.flac:6c8808a220cf84db3f3e16a116e7fc9e
dt2017-04-01_07 Pretty Bird.flac:9ce06ea40539d1e3f0feb84900d1fb3d
dt2017-04-01_08 Gravedigger.flac:54f7cd6900116ff52ef7531d7fe34b48
dt2017-04-01_09 So Damn Lucky.flac:c3aafc7641503596aa6f9ec5508a67e7
dt2017-04-01_10 Healing Notion.flac:f0776dbc6d593304dcdcf1f82a00e444
dt2017-04-01_11 The Dreaming Tree.flac:795b586d15c362c5713a6b80cd8df097
dt2017-04-01_12 You & Me.flac:666e83e7b27a8aea349d00366e8d267d
dt2017-04-01_13 Black and Blue Bird.flac:9245e380a0c8eca244d963ed03393629
dt2017-04-01_14 Grey Street.flac:d85e3eac239314583acd27e4da9f0db9
dt2017-04-01_15 Death on the High Seas.flac:8f96b6f9ffdb95a6eb80a328b9a84af3
dt2017-04-01_16 Save Me.flac:f4a5d7f5d6cf15cf30e42c0a1cb43d8e
dt2017-04-01_17 Virginia in the Rain.flac:294a3f4ac12dbabf342eaa3c5b15f7de
dt2017-04-01_18 Jimi Thing.flac:11d100694974eb8635e93f8447952f11
dt2017-04-01_19 Stream.flac:8ff17d8ca9ae5c8874be4e2b9c8909c7
dt2017-04-01_20 The Space Between.flac:261cd3fcfccf79c79eb4a49e3e31aeba
dt2017-04-01_21 #41.flac:e839319155679d716c9b015cce8d413a
dt2017-04-01_22 Two Step.flac:ae73342ef01ac4adda601b54eb45f55f
dt2017-04-01_23 Dive In.flac:551e1e4d3fe55ab637152838233ccb4d
dt2017-04-01_24 Oh.flac:03bf18aec2994cbb568f42bdcca6ba94
dt2017-04-01_25 Warehouse.flac:78f19678dedddb442ca6482759112cb1
dt2017-04-01_26 Ants Marching.flac:eae959fa64653ddaa767479db507e93a

5822dc908650ce0b1e1308051e6d31cc *dt2017-04-01_00 Intro.mp3
bacb9c6f267b7386f1d02fea87e956bd *dt2017-04-01_01 Bartender.mp3
a10db7177c2d3103cf30660e839c19aa *dt2017-04-01_02 Satellite.mp3
0e531ca78de0c0e57b8214d4a9e85d13 *dt2017-04-01_03 One Sweet World.mp3
5d1b71784d09603f53c60296118aed4c *dt2017-04-01_04 Minarets.mp3
912b57fe4770bd61233f0c258183fecf *dt2017-04-01_05 Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin).mp3
bc8229c849380aff7a9eca1665bf4c10 *dt2017-04-01_06 Crush.mp3
ede4e53f5ce7b3f52395876dfe58a443 *dt2017-04-01_07 Pretty Bird.mp3
037a248c4eb68d7f44c5b2d27bc5eb42 *dt2017-04-01_08 Gravedigger.mp3
3fafee9ac6c47cc995f777e706e376db *dt2017-04-01_09 So Damn Lucky.mp3
9d98919f9a6eb9fe6b595ee686eb3489 *dt2017-04-01_10 Healing Notion.mp3
af94be45bb66ddf5be2ffd8ccb31d88f *dt2017-04-01_11 The Dreaming Tree.mp3
9e2710132caef6260bb204cac2fe50cd *dt2017-04-01_12 You & Me.mp3
d138863bdce0e8b6e75be468716d0578 *dt2017-04-01_13 Black and Blue Bird.mp3
4936c045ce5df545f32eb079d4ea0bde *dt2017-04-01_14 Grey Street.mp3
c55b133681e67aa7a9e68e059ccd0c48 *dt2017-04-01_15 Death on the High Seas.mp3
c00fec13082482b916faf2dc37f69820 *dt2017-04-01_16 Save Me.mp3
2593fa2a01746df63c07512e527ad2d9 *dt2017-04-01_17 Virginia in the Rain.mp3
9a6d651dd7c7594887e6deb4fc5da9f1 *dt2017-04-01_18 Jimi Thing.mp3
f88c198dfa027c5be14df857f767448d *dt2017-04-01_19 Stream.mp3
14e679711b7ef40b26e8a30be902fae7 *dt2017-04-01_20 The Space Between.mp3
f2edc6a9622aef9ea0a20cd0878e5d33 *dt2017-04-01_21 #41.mp3
e8e65b4e6bf88e14815e51362c08570a *dt2017-04-01_22 Two Step.mp3
aaff1de8bbef90e9a3944f8736d71ec9 *dt2017-04-01_23 Dive In.mp3
200f53575e28d2efe72401cfd5037498 *dt2017-04-01_24 Oh.mp3
016975fb017f52441092f7fda05891ad *dt2017-04-01_25 Warehouse.mp3
7c621ab0b2aa4c87e3a73a60036b2e83 *dt2017-04-01_26 Ants Marching.mp3

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Thank you sledge!
    I was just nearly giving up hoipe that this would be released

    greetings from Vienna
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    Re: D&T2017-04-01.srg.flac16 (Sergey Dimitrov)

    Thank you!
    Originally Posted by DeepTrax View Post
    everyone will be happy to get their hands on the gems. some of them will unlock magic. leroi is the fire. remember that.
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