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DMB2000-12-16.sr71.shnf (Henry Hart)

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Dave Matthews Band
Providence Civic Center
Providence, RI

Taper: Henry Hart
Source: Earthworks SR71 > MP-2 > -20dB attenuators >Audio Magic XLR's > ADC-20> M1
Location: Section 1, row F, seat 5, 6th row right stack
Conversion: Craig Willoughby
Tascam DA-20 MK II> Sekd Prodif Plus> Samplitude> Sound Forge(volume increase)> CDWAV> MKW


Disk I
1. Intro
2. The Stone
3. Drive In Drive Out
4. Song That Jane Likes
5. Satellite
6. JTR
7. Granny
8. So Much To Say>
9. Anyone Seen the Bridge>
10.Too Much

Disk II
1. True Reflections
2. #41
3. Jimi Thing
4. What Would You Say
5. Watchtower
6. Christmas Song
7. Tripping Billies

bd8ad1986df8f33ec2bec7ca55d8d53e *dmb2000-12-16d1t02.shn

dd147a09b41db73c5aaba03343df79a5 *dmb2000-12-16d1t01.shn

1c0471528e7f89783f897bd1a9f238fb *dmb2000-12-16d1t03.shn

57f27306d4d583aaad1d05603d547c8e *dmb2000-12-16d1t04.shn

2cd5e3b5ece66a46094f1f32060cb365 *dmb2000-12-16d1t05.shn

b1adc8588981e623655d99b465e68199 *dmb2000-12-16d1t06.shn

60607ce9fa276e8174033a21c2296718 *dmb2000-12-16d1t07.shn

7dd51badc9b7f84db40fec32f28d0958 *dmb2000-12-16d1t08.shn

145b64f50d0475efc9cd730a89ef333a *dmb2000-12-16d1t09.shn

c3cf24114c28b5fa0657324d5d67409e *dmb2000-12-16d1t10.shn
1302a8315e24a449def24a67274f98ad *dmb2000-12-16d2t01.shn

bfa2010734a48c0fdea99938a50893da *dmb2000-12-16d2t02.shn

9a9a3178d615be8f14460a8a4096f1d4 *dmb2000-12-16d2t04.shn

a6bf9f196a0714a09ef65146deeaf78e *dmb2000-12-16d2t03.shn

4a53ede052cc93a7578caaccf0d93073 *dmb2000-12-16d2t05.shn

9921fa54e991022b8307c2364537b74d *dmb2000-12-16d2t06.shn

53571f312f530476695143b88c73ecf8 *dmb2000-12-16d2t07.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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