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Re: I Know I Know but... Next Live Trax Please

Originally Posted by oasisfan35 View Post
I listened to these shows a week or so ago and had the same sentiment regarding repeats. The performances were pretty solid though with high energy. There is a SBD in circulation of 7.12 so not exactly a prime candidate for official release in my book.

I got through the months of June and July on my Summer 2000 revisit and feel that I enjoyed 6.29 the most. Given all the equipment that was on hand for 6.30 perhaps a release could happen one day. That said, we have four releases from Summer 2000 so I might not mind a Winter 2000 release... looks like I just stumbled on my next revisit.

Those Allstate shows in December would be nice...
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    Re: I Know I Know but... Next Live Trax Please

    Originally Posted by Bearclaw_ View Post
    Maybe just do a LiveDMB+ thing and release every show.

    Ive said my piece. 😂
    This needs to happen. It's crazy at this point that - as good as the tapes are now - I'm still listening to my shows with women screaming "daaaaaaaaaaaaaaave" into the mic four feet away. Also soundboards are better than tapes. There's no debating that. Hopefully for 2022. I feel like they're steadily using these sirius streams to build up a catalogue so that when they do launch something like this they have 60 LTs, all the DMB lives, some various sirius shows (spac 04, alpine 03, etc) and then likely all the 2018 - current shows
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    Re: I Know I Know but... Next Live Trax Please

    My thing is - they master specific sings for random releases, WH albums, etc. so, they surely master the entire show, not just the song right? Seems crazy not to.

    Jake and Matt have said theyll never do a live app but I just find that lazy and crazy on managements part . Seems like ways money. Id pay 10-15 a month to have their entire catalogue a la phish.
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