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Buddy & Tim 34 30.91%
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Re: Boyd & Butch or Tim & Buddy

Tim and Buddy but if there was an option to trade both out for a half-decent violin player I think I'd take it.
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    Re: Boyd & Butch or Tim & Buddy

    DMB is better for me without keys, I'd rather they trim the fat.

    Gimme Dave, Carter, Fonz, Jeff, and either Tim (playing more acoustic) or Buddy and I'd be even happier about their "current" sound.

    Given Boyd's wild inconsistency and that Butch never contributed anything sonically exciting for me, I'd prefer Buddy & Tim. Tim and Buddy do some excellent trading fours and it has reined in Tim's sound in a way that better fits the band while not over showcasing him...
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    Re: Boyd & Butch or Tim & Buddy

    easy one for me. I'll take Butch & Boyd all day everyday. Give me the more traditional sounding DMB over this loud wall of sound with "everyone competing to see who can be louder" they have now with Tim and Rashawn. Not to mention there are songs that DESPERATELY miss the violin (i.e Nancies, LIOG, Seek Up, STJL)

    I do like Buddy and his energy. Personally i'd prefer he stick more to the keys and less on that god awful church organ.
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    Re: Boyd & Butch or Tim & Buddy

    BT and Tim
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    Re: Boyd & Butch or Tim & Buddy

    One is classic dmb the other isnít. Obviously butch and boyd. Yea butch got annoying later on but what he and carter could do together is something I miss.
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    Re: Boyd & Butch or Tim & Buddy

    Originally Posted by OneSweetMonkey View Post
    I truly don't understand how someone can have this opinion and still be a huge fan of this band. Did y'all just cringe at most of the music they made prior to 2018?

    I also don't understand how anyone can say Boyd was "horrible". He certainly wasn't without his flaws. Near the end he was pretty bad. But for the first 15 or so years of this band, which includes their best years, he was awesome.
    Honestly, there are many performances of his (particularly 2010 and beyond) that I would have to fast forward over his solos because I'd cringe at either him being out of tune, off-beat, or just wildly missing his cues.

    It's also a bit frustrating to watch because something like his Listener Supported #41 solo is probably one of my most frequently replayed sections of any song of theirs. He had the chops but didn't seem diligent in maintaining them as we'd eventually come to see in his disinterested stage presence over the years. While I think the violin itself suits them as a part of their core sound, musicians that actually give a shit are much more effective and it's very apparent that Buddy, Jeff, Tim, and Rashawn take great care to continuously honing their craft.
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    Originally Posted by SweetUp&Down40 View Post
    "Get off bela, we wanna play one of our shit songs"

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