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DMB2020-02-29.AKGC1000S.flac16 (Zachary Semcken)

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Dave Matthews Band
February 29, 2020
Innings Festival at Tempe Arts Park - Tempe, AZ

Taper: Zachary Semcken
Source: AKG C1000S > XLR > Tascam DR-10mkiii (24/96)
Location: Soundbooth, Back of Floor, Mics DIN ~9'
Transfer: Tascam DR-10mkiii > PC
Editing: Wav > Adobe Audition > Audacity (Tracking) > FLAC (Level 8)

01. Introduction 02:03.300
02. Don't Drink The Water* 09:02.912
03. Samuari Cop (Oh Joy Begin) 05:09:987
04. Warehouse! > 11:14.461
05. Crush^/Kill The Preacher (Tease) 16:23.653
06. Why I Am 04:59.640
07. Come Tomorrow 06:44.272
08. So Much To Say > 04:09.929
09. Anyone Seen The Bridge$ > 01:56.842
10. Too Much 06:14.243
11. The Riff 06:30.958
12. Long Train Runnin'% 04:25.559
13. Jimi Thing& > 11:23.848
14. Tell Me Something Good@ 04:50.740
15. You & Me 05:44.684
16. Sweet Up And Down > 04:33.012
17. Ants Marching# 09:20.568
18. Encore Break 05:39.619
19. Corn Bread^ 08:24.272
20. Grey Street 05:58.902
Total: 2:14:51.401

* includes prelude with Forty Six & 2 and Schism interpolations
! with vocal prelude, salsa jam
^ Stefan solo intro
$ Also Sprach Zarathustra and Heartbreaker interpolations
% Doobie Brothers cover
& crowd sings first verse
@ Chaka Khan cover, Buddy on lead vocals
# Carter solo intro, Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) interpolation
^ Carter solo intro, Down By The Riverside interpolation

There was a particularly loud clapper in the left channel audio.
Thanks to Mark T for helping me by scrubbing hundreds of claps, tracking, and converting.
Thanks to the DMB crew for letting me set up inside the cage.
This show is dedicated to all the tapers before me who have helped preserve this magnificent band.

Compiled on 2020-03-22

6e119913bf98a1499e560c93dd4a6eb7 *dmb2020-02-29t01.flac
6118e2d9f0569ec796405b30c97be76f *dmb2020-02-29t02.flac
8bbaea04f6e2b7a3a4b32f16edf6d0f3 *dmb2020-02-29t03.flac
69d2e63af9914e9e3603c46dbb029315 *dmb2020-02-29t04.flac
d4fc189d0d4be2abfb0672152798fc16 *dmb2020-02-29t05.flac
d3efd1ced7c47ea0d7bc75599c8ae26d *dmb2020-02-29t06.flac
2a2b8a7662ee6b422c69ead016ccb2f2 *dmb2020-02-29t07.flac
5253c385d50b283ff61e8e82d49afad5 *dmb2020-02-29t08.flac
c941ed5da509ca19d42b4bebf4a2b2d8 *dmb2020-02-29t09.flac
9a91e0cb2905260ee986080d8959804c *dmb2020-02-29t10.flac
8c373bf7eb9ee66706b23a989b5dc813 *dmb2020-02-29t11.flac
c0db12cf6f35debf6e91fa39e0499726 *dmb2020-02-29t12.flac
207a3082c845eabc29289a645845874b *dmb2020-02-29t13.flac
2b0906f10a682c417692724d8532aa10 *dmb2020-02-29t14.flac
18e2dbe913e9d5125b52318b9026a661 *dmb2020-02-29t15.flac
6082effdab56f77724552a0eacbfb2e3 *dmb2020-02-29t16.flac
87dde0f49c9668447947912bf2b842c8 *dmb2020-02-29t17.flac
43e4e6d0262bace84a99ef95800595be *dmb2020-02-29t18.flac
be3347da5488ef83631f62d313f6a96d *dmb2020-02-29t19.flac
3e98752f0819958464fd710f52b29aa3 *dmb2020-02-29t20.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB2020-02-29.AKGC1000S.flac16 (Zachary Semcken)

    I'll seed this tomorrow along with my other tapes from this run.
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    Re: DMB2020-02-29.AKGC1000S.flac16 (Zachary Semcken)

    Thank you so much!
    To burn at a slow tempo, that's everything
    - Jeff Buckley
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    Re: DMB2020-02-29.AKGC1000S.flac16 (Zachary Semcken)

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