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DMB1990-1993 (Studio Demos)

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DMB 1990-93 Demo

Various studio demos.

1. Song That Jane Likes (XX.92?)*
2. Recently (XX.92?)*
3. The Maker (8-12.91)**
4. People People (8-12/91) *&
5. Warehouse (8-12.91) Chicken Lyrics **^
6. Dancing Nancies (2.93)***
7. Warehouse (2.93)***
8. Pay For What You Get (2.93)***
9. Lie In Our Graves (2.93)***
10. Rhyme & Reason (2.93)***
11. Kind Intentions (#32) (2.93)***
12. Granny (2.93)***
13. Granny (Love! Baby) (2.93)***
14. Two Step (08-12.91)**

* From a demo with Dave, Greg Howard, Kevin Davis, and John D'Earth. It's Date is approximately
1-2.91 (judging by the lyrics, specifically Recently),but NOT the 11.90 demo.
this is certain. The 11.90 Demo does not exist in trading circles at all.
** Sounds like a studio demo from around that time.
*& Live, unknown location, but probably Eastern Standard or Trax
**^ 1st stanza lyrics deal with a chicken. No kidding.
*** these all sound like they are from the same studio demo sans Boyd. Judging by the lyrics
2.93 is a good rough estimate to the date. Note Nancies is also on this demo. Copies of
this demo w/o Nancies are more common. There is a bit of a debate to whether of not
Nancies belongs here (it contains Peter on keys, which the other tracks don't), but
the original analog copy contained Nancies, so we'll include it with those tracks.

Fans traded this 'show' under the name "1990 demo" in the old days. That name changed to
"1990-93 demos" around 2000. Even though there is nothinng 1990 about it, we're still
calling it that.


UPDATED 4.13.02 and 9.11.03

; wholefile md5 checksum file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on October 2, 2008, at 22:05:33

b9e26a5f2eb742de50a9ba89859f466f *Davedmb1990-93t01.flac
12f639035b518324f6682bc72fadf73f *Davedmb1990-93t02.flac
29715f4b27ced6b3060e07f4e6e9ceca *Davedmb1990-93t03.flac
db51087d0edad2b89f2b6f18c4322c6e *Davedmb1990-93t04.flac
66cda79f9d2ea8cb1d56bb5b57a7263f *Davedmb1990-93t05.flac
6a2fc5f85a97f6ec52be8230c3945051 *Davedmb1990-93t06.flac
27ef25b0bfebd67753a73d7cc2737587 *Davedmb1990-93t07.flac
b3710bcf45c94d18b5eac5767c1f018a *Davedmb1990-93t08.flac
7b71c21a3d01a713651d78a1bdcb78ea *Davedmb1990-93t09.flac
63db923a3f0328a3ab0f328ebf083b19 *Davedmb1990-93t10.flac
1959e2cb9794fe6878b8ba3a2f72fcba *Davedmb1990-93t11.flac
f1bc6f5895daf2efef1ad41cdf918a25 *Davedmb1990-93t12.flac
5ee556564f0d15cf43b685f4194e5989 *Davedmb1990-93t13.flac
52b0e9d468385d18d6982910ab95a070 *Davedmb1990-93t14.flac
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