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D&T1999-03-09.marc.flac16 (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Pantages Theatre
March 9, 1999

source : marcsounds > sony tcd-d100
recorded from row 3 of the pit right infront of dave
taper : markp

Disc One:
Opening Banter
Two Step
One Sweet World
The Stone
All Along The Watchtower
Bartender ...>
Don't Drink the Water
Proudest Monkey

Disc Two:
Letting Go
Too Much
Lie In Our Graves

Disc Three:
Jimi Thing ...>
What Will Become of Me ...>
Pantala Naga Pampa
Say Goodbye
Jemez Rolling Waves
Wild Horses
Crash Into Me
For the Beauty of Wynona
Christmas Song
Dancing Nancies
Digging a Ditch
Ants Marching

D1 Track01.flac:7fc6402d3bdf635e3342720ab777d760
D1 Track02.flac:7f58a2d13baf76681d7ed12887d78975
D1 Track03.flac:a95323e4f254caa0fa4a767923c2b69a
D1 Track04.flac:ac0dbc4d2ff344cbfe11b57ba85e8528
D1 Track05.flac:f83be2d0885de0f959faa03f7ace4dbd
D1 Track06.flac:1b8e7198fb9bf7802c41ef16b326be69
D1 Track07.flac:064b305ef68692c77550e15b7e8c6dc0
D1 Track08.flac:9e81f6e06b18a493c9cfa0ec50e7ece6
D1 Track09.flac:9d862700c4afa1f58ea3e781e392241f
D2 Track01.flac:0ccc47986dcc8329c39590cb7f221309
D2 Track02.flac:7f2e20a16107e5b7b4f3ddc814299679
D2 Track03.flac:598ea01dd5d447c4e93ec1ecadf3b073
D2 Track04.flac:27f446ea2d5981759c81142eee158a3b
D2 Track05.flac:7d993387254d971d5e1900b6f3646ef2
D3 Track01.flac:363f2a581fd753e82b71ecba1331d893
D3 Track02.flac:645fc9f15095baf1c31b6e1d45c21dd3
D3 Track03.flac:235f75e661747ee8a49d7807cd804ba5
D3 Track04.flac:d6bd445803e3f58b2569bd4305f2fa6c
D3 Track05.flac:f28be77fbb29b8df30089677c18cca8d
D3 Track06.flac:23f309d8a9d3f2818cddd258e68851b4
D3 Track07.flac:cf437bf7c0e04019c2340b8a13fbd1c5
D3 Track08.flac:a521c1e877eb526e2796f16cbb4589cb
D3 Track09.flac:95fb8e1df8297cc20d591cdb2de3ebba
D3 Track10.flac:24d412fc37477da22ad779bc9ce0b283
D3 Track11.flac:b8ffa0210ad8f48a6eb6222f90e013fd

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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