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D&T1996-12-16.daud.shnf (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
December 16, 1996
Town Hall
New York City, NY

Taper: Unknown (Jeff Travitz ?)
Source: Stealth DAUD

Disc 1:

01: Intro
02: Warehouse
03: Lie In Our Graves
04: Crash (Into Me)
05: Christmas Song (All You Need is Love, Can't Buy Me Love)*
06: Short intro -> Tripping Billies
07: Let You Down
08: Lover Lay Down
09: Muted guitar intro (no mouth sounds) -> Minarets ->
10: Deed Is Done
11: Typical Situation

Disc 2:

01: Recently (Norwegian Wood in the outro)
02: Too Much (with a scat bridge, Golden Years/Fame outro)
03: Jimi Thing ->
04: What Will Become of Me?
05: Stream (Tim Solo)
06: Satellite
07: Dancing Nancies
08: Say Goodbye
09: Ants Marching
10: #41
11: Cry Freedom

*= without Stefan

DAT->HD: Sony D8->Turtle beach Fiji with digi io->Soundforge,
by Paul Cho

f974eb56a4c3b8f01dd821cd97fb35f6 *d+t1996-12-16-d1t03.shn
7f2c4fa70de5960305d955970c18d021 *d+t1996-12-16-d1t04.shn
cef07fcf16e3f7464f3b4fd6f932a2c8 *d+t1996-12-16-d1t06.shn
1fa9556d0740b27795537af226db04c3 *d+t1996-12-16-d1t07.shn
d24aae0028ea0b0455d1560eeca85be8 *d+t1996-12-16-d1t09.shn
7a3fbf640ef0ed14f3dc90d3ee01560c *d+t1996-12-16-d1t10.shn
bec345d12ab2bc1eca8cf271fcc75e87 *d+t1996-12-16-d1t02.shn
1e7c7d0bd04b76400ecd9f85962e42a1 *d+t1996-12-16-d1t01.shn
eb344a48dcc96a3bd6cf8b94fbf5c207 *d+t1996-12-16-d1t05.shn
2ea2132ebd7a3af9465164c55bff6852 *d+t1996-12-16-d1t08.shn
8d375651880418281f704c552a758657 *d+t1996-12-16-d1t11.shn
30d20e1c643b57a6e5e139f741610162 *d+t1996-12-16-d2t03.shn
0cac758ecf40599694346c576a5a86da *d+t1996-12-16-d2t04.shn
7d8f469adc623d724035412bde0a92ca *d+t1996-12-16-d2t06.shn
9d9179e9d49a348a9f5a6c4f12bf8593 *d+t1996-12-16-d2t07.shn
60c4cdf7ca3347f5d11cd1aad82fc99b *d+t1996-12-16-d2t09.shn
162feaf27b60483929a42facc4aa6744 *d+t1996-12-16-d2t10.shn
480c1973c30060c35062bf9de373cbcb *d+t1996-12-16-d2t01.shn
fd36123a3e2f2cf5b74b74828b479863 *d+t1996-12-16-d2t02.shn
bdba09c815c002c0746acdc1d142c7b2 *d+t1996-12-16-d2t05.shn
b8ca4ca2e72ac29fb9b7ba14815d6cce *d+t1996-12-16-d2t08.shn
61444fb3576fc516dffdd327fbaba3e4 *d+t1996-12-16-d2t11.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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