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60 plus shows I've seen. A few comments:

1.) the place was packed! Reminded me of JPJ shows. The GA floor was literally packed

2.) the WORST ga crowd I've ever experienced. I wasn't expecting this from a Charleston crowd. People had no respect for anyone around them. Really sad imo, and I know I was only in a small area but it was pathetic

3.). Minarets opener followed by Pig was amazin

4.) Samurai cop was fantastic. The horn section was amazing!

5.). Boyd was pretty absent

6.). Dave was on fire and very energetic

7.). The horns were great and Rashawn rocked it, especially with Grey Street.

8.). I'll never sit GA again

9.) solid show
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    Re: Charleston

    Spot on, I thought the show was great but Boyd was not the presence he can be. That Samurai cop was awesome, I really hope someone posts this show somewhere. I thought the Encore with Space Between and All along the watchtower was out of this world!

    BUT, you could literally not move an inch in GA, people who showed up right before the show started thought it was okay to just force their way up to the front just to complain about how many times you bumped into them. Thoroughly disappointed with the GA crowd, because under different circumstances the floor could have been a party, but looking around the people in the seats had more freedom to move than the floor.
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    Re: Charleston

    Totally agree with what you said about the GA. It also wasn't just Boyd without much presence. Stefan looked tired, Boyd looked out of it most of the show and even Tim was a little quieter than the "big shows" I've seen him at. Rashawn and Jeff did rock out though.
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    Re: Charleston

    GA was awesome where I was. I don't try to get real close though. We hung back towards the middle and had plenty of room to move around. Phish there in 2010 was bad, all tickets were GA and the entire floor was shoulder to shoulder.
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