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DM_2020-03-26.web.flac16 (Zachary Semcken)

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Dave Matthews
March 26, 2020
Matthews Residence
Seattle, WA

Taper: Zachary Semcken
Source: Yahoo HLS stream > Tascam DR-10mkiii (24/96)
Transfer: Tascam DR-10mkiii > PC
Editing: Wav > Audacity (Tracking) > FLAC (Level 8)

01. Introduction 0:36.778
02. So Damn Lucky 4:27.179
03. Dave Speak #1 (Local Business) 4:00.510
04. Mercy 3:09.343
05. Dave Speak #2 (Guitar Strap) 1:46.496
06. Dancing Nancies 3:48.876
07. Dave Speak #3 (M&M's) 1:50.013
08. Dave Speak #4 (Family) 1:27.521
09. Virginia In The Rain 5:02.286
10. Dave Speak #5 (Medical Masks & Plumbers) 3:37.403
11. Grey Street 3:04.683
12. Dave Speak #6 (Capo) 1:14.026
13. Windows! 3:36.978
14. Dave Speak #7 (Nurses & Doctors) 1:56.313
15. Dave Speak #8 (Ukulele) 1:48.518
16. Sweet 3:59.661
17. Dave Speak #9 (Verizon & North Dakota) 3:03.643
18. Don't Drink The Water@ 6:02.054
Total: 54:32.281

! First time performed
@ Song for Billijo intro; This Land Is Your Land interpolation

Show was webcast live from Dave Matthew's home to support small businesses affected by COVID-19.
Show was performed as a part of "Verizon Pay It Forward Live".
This show is dedicated to all healthcare workers fighting together in the battle against COVID-19.

Compiled 2020-03-27

753b54d53ea1ef0e65e48215e9264b04 *dm2020-03-26t01.flac
5f14c2cfd51a2799b246d1b1f4e0ded3 *dm2020-03-26t02.flac
b04f042125a1ee06123187fe3cd20577 *dm2020-03-26t03.flac
937b3c365001cdc9a323ea282a7cc825 *dm2020-03-26t04.flac
11a57613005abf3c0f0ffdd218ab92c3 *dm2020-03-26t05.flac
553a905bc56eb1c8deb2d6a958d564a1 *dm2020-03-26t06.flac
d0217ef2cf391b4b1a4b4150026635fb *dm2020-03-26t07.flac
ed7b5fb38325a46221f56380a57d51dd *dm2020-03-26t08.flac
f7d624702db5de3542b1efc982e2ae20 *dm2020-03-26t09.flac
f3efbec5f6ee9ce2b11fe698740c6a99 *dm2020-03-26t10.flac
69fd97d4248ff8cb2ca1d65800d75569 *dm2020-03-26t11.flac
a7b0bb65a7fca21fd299e61439c12773 *dm2020-03-26t12.flac
7b646d9638a809b1179cab47c326d23a *dm2020-03-26t13.flac
01090e47198afbf1777f816e65749712 *dm2020-03-26t14.flac
3a8e5aceb1f9399bcb142013087929ff *dm2020-03-26t15.flac
3797d41a556e799adad7a97cd33d26ec *dm2020-03-26t16.flac
3c9d2f0d2f17f0a58700532e00878a53 *dm2020-03-26t17.flac
1eca880ecf0755082c2324e9f662ce3d *dm2020-03-26t18.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    My Tour Central Stats

    Re: DM_2020-03-26.web.flac16 (Zachary Semcken)

    Thank you very much for posting this, and to those who continue to seed!
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