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DMB2015-10-20.ck61.flac16 (Noam Yemini)

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Dave Matthews Band
Rome, Italy
October 20, 2015

Taper: Noam Yemini (
Location: Rear of Pit, Center, Standing Room
Source: AKG ck61 (DINa-ish, ~15’) > NBob Actives > Zoom H4n (24/48)
Conversion: Zoom H4n > Adobe Audition > wav(44.1/16) > xACT 2.36

***A 24bit, 48kHz version also exists***

01 Intro
02 Seek Up
03 Belly Belly Nice
04 Black and Blue Bird
05 So Much to Say »
06 Anyone Seen the Bridge »
07 Too Much
08 Death on the High Seas
09 Warehouse
10 Drive In Drive Out
11 Lover Lay Down
12 Stay or Leave
13 Still Water
14 Don't Drink the Water
15 Jimi Thing
16 What Would You Say
17 Spaceman »
18 Corn Bread
19 Crash into Me
20 Ants Marching
21 Encore Break
22 Sister
23 You Might Die Trying

- Thanks to Mike Peters for the mics and cables.
- Thanks to Martin Gordon for help with uploading.

- This was a small sports arena and the audio quality of the venue was not as good as other locations on this tour. You can hear the room and it’s reverberations in this recording. It gives this a more “live” feel but much less clarity.

Compiled by Noam Yemini 10-21-2015

#MD5 checksums generated by xACT 2.22 on 2015-10-21 11:22:00 +0000

27f97ea6b860ad310c5904963db87aea *dmb2015-10-20.ck61.flac16.txt
921a040a76c02f9ecedf2568c5093b07 *dmb2015-10-20_t01.flac
114b74f617a9fa9bd53d4c97836eb907 *dmb2015-10-20_t02.flac
2051037b53fbe8ee6ce00d6d65a59c4b *dmb2015-10-20_t03.flac
4c869612145a483ab4dcc638d7c04e42 *dmb2015-10-20_t04.flac
b4ac21c5d57db54bc6e58e729c82c47f *dmb2015-10-20_t05.flac
992cf1ec762166b0cbf53a515d220d12 *dmb2015-10-20_t06.flac
6e4dc0279fb376acadf68a5a7a32c4d0 *dmb2015-10-20_t07.flac
884b455f18a91fceca5a6e87023b6832 *dmb2015-10-20_t08.flac
0af0b413d8884778eab244fb57d71235 *dmb2015-10-20_t09.flac
c1664b3230595fd001718ec8e4949cc7 *dmb2015-10-20_t10.flac
741f812f4865cbdba62f4e564a85c7bd *dmb2015-10-20_t11.flac
79932cdc824f8108beb93dd6911fd5c6 *dmb2015-10-20_t12.flac
d1a599c405d09ab1a8b3b0a3bd9ada37 *dmb2015-10-20_t13.flac
7f91f1d38d629994aa6fd8dcbb15333b *dmb2015-10-20_t14.flac
837036eb4757cf8361dc49ddfe21f836 *dmb2015-10-20_t15.flac
e643b82e05ddd68df62048678e460ce9 *dmb2015-10-20_t16.flac
f4960a2c1236def3d544a2b16c05bade *dmb2015-10-20_t17.flac
174a4c0d50f8c2e2e51cfdd3f3a32c95 *dmb2015-10-20_t18.flac
216bf097ef6b0f3be3f92182d65ec51b *dmb2015-10-20_t19.flac
cdbcea70fb1627984904e46233b66d89 *dmb2015-10-20_t20.flac
29cf7f3d06c2f05473443f253435df21 *dmb2015-10-20_t21.flac
a5e4e7d18d61a7ec17f927e2f253020b *dmb2015-10-20_t22.flac
96194e7fc364fab8e0a7221249991094 *dmb2015-10-20_t23.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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