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DMB1996-10-22.c100.shnf (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
October 22, 1996
Target Center
Minneapolis, MN

Taper: unknown
Source: unknown

Analog -> Shn: Philips FW-C100 -> Sound Blaster Live! -> Cool Edit Pro 2 ->
CD Wave -> MKW ACT 0.97 Beta 1
Converted by: Connor Cronk

Remaster: Shn-> WAV-> Dart Pro 98 remastering techniques->
Sound Forge 5.0 equalizing & resampling techniques-> MKW ACT 0.97 Beta 1

Remastering by: Joe Murdocca

************************************************** *****************
DO NOT ENCODE TO MP3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
************************************************** *****************

Disc 1:

01. Tripping Billies 04:27
02. Two Step 08:35
03. The Song That Jane Likes 04:43
04. #41 -> 08:11
05. Say Goodbye 09:21
06. Lie In Our Graves 07:54
07. Cry Freedom 06:44
08. So Much To Say -> 04:12
09. Anyone Seen The Bridge? -> 01:40
10. Too Much 05:50
11. Recently 07:57

Total: 69:34

Disc 2:

01. Typical Situaton 13:27
02. True Reflections 07:20
03. Crash Into Me 07:32
04. Warehouse 09:00
05. Watchtower Intro 01:33
06. All Along The Watchtower 10:43
07. Satillite -> 05:03
08. Ants Marching 07:43

Total: 62:21

This was just recently seeded out by Connor Cronk on 7/1/02 I merely remastered it and
took out the heavy hiss. The credit goes to him for getting this show out to the community.
Enjoy all.

* - The taper starts recording during the second verse of Tripping Billies,
so that's where it starts
* - There is a tape flip after Lie In Our Graves (jump at 7:31), and at the end of
True Reflections (jump at 6:44)
* - The bass is extremely high in this recording at times, I did my best to lower it,
just keep the stereo down a little bit :o)
* - The right channel in this recording was horrible, the bass was way too high and the
level of distortion was unbarely at times, so I had to convert the left channel to the

Original compiled by: Connor Cronk on 7/1/02
Remaster compiled by: Joe Murdocca on 8/3/02Connor Cronk on 7/1/02
Remaster compiled by: Joe Murdocca on 8/3/02

3398a2465c40240eafea44bcdc9fef25 *dmb1996-10-22d1t11remastered.shn
ab09b629c90416e85adbc888c2721a1b *dmb1996-10-22d1t02remastered.shn
1adba4648fd0292444cd0dc7ae96956c *dmb1996-10-22d1t03remastered.shn
f6ba2980b32826c654e954e83d1cfed1 *dmb1996-10-22d1t04remastered.shn
72831051faa363bfc0c1e42f688f8ac7 *dmb1996-10-22d1t05remastered.shn
c47e09baa5c79aa9103e2c1a1045649f *dmb1996-10-22d1t06remastered.shn
b4ee9b9932c3065c5658505dde58dcd4 *dmb1996-10-22d1t07remastered.shn
203adda3d52018344c05bd9a23793b7b *dmb1996-10-22d1t08remastered.shn
ade98f73ce249c3b74781fc4308c970b *dmb1996-10-22d1t09remastered.shn
83896921019694f251de8622d45f60c6 *dmb1996-10-22d1t10remastered.shn
ffa616f787dc1d0bf9e2adf286ac2e1c *dmb1996-10-22d1t01remastered.shn
a770b38d0404739c7e4492830c704899 *dmb1996-10-22d2t07remastered.shn
3c845c69bb5ff33a0df3b207d3a7f37e *dmb1996-10-22d2t02remastered.shn
bd460ee0622f44d48585f6f337dc08af *dmb1996-10-22d2t03remastered.shn
e4b17d56de678fe88af4d2ebeabf8d35 *dmb1996-10-22d2t04remastered.shn
fa59276598a9df2096bec03594cdd829 *dmb1996-10-22d2t05remastered.shn
b44f4e11b1a00e8d27d32d40da21a375 *dmb1996-10-22d2t06remastered.shn
a19cf9d7c653532aa360e5b13be82665 *dmb1996-10-22d2t01remastered.shn
1632c73237250a0ca8d87d52c7636de4 *dmb1996-10-22d2t08remastered.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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