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DMB2006-07-29.akg481.flac16 (Will Clark)

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Dave Matthews Band
NE Dodge Music Theater
Hartford, CT

Taper - W Clark
Source - AKG 481 > UA5 (BM2p+) > Microtrack @ 24/48 (resampled and dithered)
Location - Section 200, Row S, Seat 201

Disc 1
So Much To Say ^ >
ASTB ^ > Too Much ^
Seek Up ^
Crash Into Me
Break Free ^
When The World Ends ^

Disc 2
Say Goodbye
Last Stop ^
Diggin' A Ditch ^
Sister ~
Can't Stop

Disc 3
The Idea of You ^
Louisiana Bayou ^
Steady As We Go ^
PNP > Rapunzel ^

Butch Taylor on Keys for entire show
^ Rashawn Ross on trumpet
~ Dave Solo
* Warren Haynes on guitar

Notes - first time using Microtrack and recording 24/48, LMK if you hear any problems on the resample/dithered version.
Big Thanks to Sharon for helping me get tix!

dmb2006-07-29akg481.ua5d1t01.flac:255d2cc60d2e5ae6ef6a29e58a6 06ade
dmb2006-07-29akg481.ua5d1t02.flac:20021144f9dcb58d72c5eb540f0 5501a
dmb2006-07-29akg481.ua5d1t03.flac:44257ce2b1e4c71402bf0e48382 e7af3
dmb2006-07-29akg481.ua5d1t04.flac:ab351ab39240eecb55d77a1a482 1d8a0
dmb2006-07-29akg481.ua5d1t05.flac:8c2f6a6555f1ac315dd4f3aa043 a4e89
dmb2006-07-29akg481.ua5d1t06.flac:df92e6c2da96fb578e2698c9c57 4bb28
dmb2006-07-29akg481.ua5d1t07.flac:7f41c2347e4330981e13e667505 dc5d4
dmb2006-07-29akg481.ua5d2t01.flac:0d4fea05e8cc658d72d5f9afa22 09715
dmb2006-07-29akg481.ua5d2t02.flac:bdbbaf39aa750b8cb6d06411855 f5a7a
dmb2006-07-29akg481.ua5d2t03.flac:253b64da13a25ec42de2cff1467 a0f16
dmb2006-07-29akg481.ua5d2t04.flac:612026f570189bd87982a6c747c 952ca
dmb2006-07-29akg481.ua5d2t05.flac:06465129f0646661a6f2beda700 79c38
dmb2006-07-29akg481.ua5d3t01.flac:5de5341737aad09c7bc95880914 6e7be
dmb2006-07-29akg481.ua5d3t02.flac:ba3475c7a9f80755f4ba0eff90d fa862
dmb2006-07-29akg481.ua5d3t03.flac:b0e84d52b3bb37c63ff1f5c507e 84c57
dmb2006-07-29akg481.ua5d3t04.flac:95c6772e02672bec2f7a5f0ece9 da3e6
dmb2006-07-29akg481.ua5d3t05.flac:e84925e442c47ef4a32be939778 60bee

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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