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D&T2007-03-12.at831.flac16 (Steve LeFevre)

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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
March 12, 2007 (Monday)
Berlin, Germany

Source: at831 > SPSB-2 (rolloff @ 16Hz) > Edirol R-09 (16 bit/44.1 khz)
WAV > FLAC: Edirol R-09 > PC > Soundforge v8.0a > CD Wave v1.6 > FLAC Frontend v1.7.1 (level 8)
Location: mics over the balcony, 5 meters from right house speaker stack
Recorded and Transferred by: Steve LeFevre (hmblmunkey@aol.com)

Disc One

01. intro
02. Bartender
03. Save Me
04. Stay Or Leave
05. Satellite
06. Crush
07. Old Dirt Hill
08. Smooth Rider
09. Everyday
10. Lie In Our Graves
11. Oh
12. So Damn Lucky

Disc Two

01. Where Are You Going
02. Gravedigger
03. Stream (incl. Kashmir)+
04. When The World Ends
05. Jimi Thing
06. Donít Drink the Water (Still Water intro)
07. #41

Disc Three

01. Crash Into Me
02. Dancing Nancies
03. Some Devil *
04. Sister
05. Ants Marching
06. The Maker
07. Two Step

+ Tim solo
* Dave Solo


Thanks again to Edgar for the loan of the 831's. Some light compression was performed on the soundfile to balance the music against the loud crowd.

Please do not remaster or convert to lossy formats except for personal use.

Compiled 3/20/2007

d+t2007-03-12.at831.d1t01.flac:53ddc71c0a3aa64316186b9ca888b9 ca
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d1t02.flac:0419cccef9a487ee738ac692e212f9 3d
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d1t03.flac:68ed6f7554d3b4482a59b806bf8128 ea
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d1t04.flac:c45a18f100edd126adadec77874580 5e
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d1t05.flac:1b39574951020e7887874e1dbc9d2c 43
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d1t06.flac:716f88fcbf50c6204f9c33af014159 19
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d1t07.flac:97d09d0d5b0276f1a1279c474d6faf 6b
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d1t08.flac:fd310ddac8f76543173ff5e330c6f0 27
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d1t09.flac:79a320668e449c315308a78d305708 e7
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d1t10.flac:eb4342efbed778f6b45e5dc5190372 03
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d1t11.flac:012ad006e925db2d9c69da035739f7 ce
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d1t12.flac:0c4402f14c6292c917b49375fd2826 ec
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d2t01.flac:e3900786ab285c450de3bd1f34af67 11
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d2t02.flac:56c9ec83b1a849dc1c0f13d6d357b1 d6
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d2t03.flac:41ff1ccf34cfee0b95fe926e4af6c4 ba
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d2t04.flac:5102ad56c6eb9cf070541aad9175bc b9
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d2t05.flac:6b988cc2b835a94f3cc3239784f494 59
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d2t06.flac:412c6b6c9c5e6ee8f87ac626162156 17
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d2t07.flac:10b2469ec34fbdebc00eee7392bb0b 4c
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d3t01.flac:6e76d54a7178c876e41dbc73ece67f 75
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d3t02.flac:c48c45dde3f9fa1e008b1c2ff44ee9 3a
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d3t03.flac:b3a29a5fc14958aa9259109291302b f9
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d3t04.flac:d5d58698f42d0a2b5467362def247c 30
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d3t05.flac:7a35a9697cad2cdd8d1340017f3fc7 9d
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d3t06.flac:1fb7f8c652caf20e39864d82ad7ace 72
d+t2007-03-12.at831.d3t07.flac:c7cf5dcf0f382537d58113ab7a7e01 41

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: D&T2007-03-12.at831.flac16 (Steve LeFevre)

    thank you, one of my favorites....
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