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DMB2002-05-13.km140.shnf (Craig Willoughby)

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Dave Matthews Band
May 13, 2002
Coors Amphitheatre
Chula Vista, CA

Taper: Craig Willoughby
Source: Neumann ak40s > Neumann lc-3 actives > Neumann KM100s >
Lunatec V2>Sonic AD2K+(NS3)>EMagic 2|6>iBook>Coaster.

Location: Section LORCH Row C Seats 5&6, Stand 13'

Conversion: iBook>Peak LE>Shorten.


Disc 1
01 Intro
02 Grey Street
03 Granny
04 So Much To Say
05 So Right
06 You Never Know
07 Jimi Thing

Disc 2
01 Crash
02 (Little Thing) tease
03 Two Step
04 Digging a Ditch
05 What You Are
06 One Sweet World
07 Song That Jane Likes

Disc 3
01 Fool To Think
02 Where Are You Going
03 Tripping Billies
04 Watchtower Intro
05 Watchtower +
06 E: (#40) tease
07 E: Beauty of Wynona
08 E: (Grace Is Gone)
09 E: Pantala Naga Pampa
10 E: Rapunzel

entire show w/Butch Taylor
+ with Warren Haynes

compiled on 5-14-02

447d8ce8e71f4e1cde99f4694af0f280 *dmb2002-05-13km140d01t07.shn
1d30635d186f0e39a8b2165e04228948 *dmb2002-05-13km140d01t06.shn
1e8a30d0590944b8dac3176f2b67da0f *dmb2002-05-13km140d01t05.shn
442f7f43ae4ba87020ff1059121763fe *dmb2002-05-13km140d01t04.shn
d484ca62b178fa767d1df91b356970f3 *dmb2002-05-13km140d01t03.shn
268a0a3c54eb82f17753c135d56eaae9 *dmb2002-05-13km140d01t02.shn
ea47c73f8a879c35e6f293728a005898 *dmb2002-05-13km140d01t01.shn
784f118ef2fcb9b1fc78d0be39d5bcee *dmb2002-05-13km140d02t07.shn
def511037643ba28c9c76c946eaf314a *dmb2002-05-13km140d02t06.shn
10253645fdaaaabd219283f4eda27e65 *dmb2002-05-13km140d02t05.shn
76f9a4befa14554728962cfad065b47d *dmb2002-05-13km140d02t02.shn
d364b9199177bca31543c860728b42a5 *dmb2002-05-13km140d02t04.shn
565b9a45c4367bb092fa04d0a309260c *dmb2002-05-13km140d02t03.shn
52d19b3ff5e56bec2b46b48b40e84c00 *dmb2002-05-13km140d02t01.shn
cdf63c57dd9e1a71779edc64a1a82de1 *dmb2002-05-13km140d03t10.shn
fa7687a095f13aa9276926d9c640cd25 *dmb2002-05-13km140d03t09.shn
3e6071c90e6c82428a5c0da8751cdfff *dmb2002-05-13km140d03t08.shn
664bc558a810ea4bbc56140c94d58544 *dmb2002-05-13km140d03t07.shn
45db656bb846a095d4b947541af47ee4 *dmb2002-05-13km140d03t06.shn
e00a582c326587a8b316acb272f1bc2e *dmb2002-05-13km140d03t05.shn
45ef428ae0aae726c6c84484632e5c41 *dmb2002-05-13km140d03t04.shn
25f711831161ad2d20d61b30bcc30ec8 *dmb2002-05-13km140d03t02.shn
05a8adf9d88aecef537f6545b89631e2 *dmb2002-05-13km140d03t03.shn
de051110dff42dda60c00490be4ec4d7 *dmb2002-05-13km140d03t01.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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