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D&F2006-02-04.akg481.flac16 (Matt Hedegard)

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Dave Matthews & Friends
Follies Theatre - Sovereign of the Seas
Nassau, Bahamas
February 5, 2006

Taper: Matt Hedegard
Location: 2nd row - elevated floor
Source: AKG 480/CK61 -> V3 -> JB3
Conversion: JB3 -> USB -> CD Wave -> FLAC Frontend



01. intro 1:35
02. Back on the Boat (jam) -> 2:56
03. Good Good Time 5:18
04. Up On Cripple Creek 6:14
05. Grey Blue Eyes 9:48
06. Will It Go Round In Circles 5:45
07. Too High 7:10
08. Ayhee 5:18
09. Hey Bulldog 5:53
10. Rocky Mountain Way 10:19

Notes: The back speakers were not working so all the main sound came from the front, hence the distance sound in the recording.
However, the distance captured the crowd noise well, especially on "Back on the Boat, and Rocky Mountain Way!

DM+F2006-02-05.AKG.481.v3.d1t01.flac:9108c6c601c224c6a2b8f3967 a926e4f
DM+F2006-02-05.AKG.481.v3.d1t02.flac:572b1e2f4773a013f71ceef60 6cf91fd
DM+F2006-02-05.AKG.481.v3.d1t03.flac:573aa4baea731637048e8564c 6fc05a2
DM+F2006-02-05.AKG.481.v3.d1t04.flac:1786f6aacf14ae0af951a2744 9e132e5
DM+F2006-02-05.AKG.481.v3.d1t05.flac:539eaa68ce8a7f88f6f19716a b7f3a42
DM+F2006-02-05.AKG.481.v3.d1t06.flac:bb943b8a41f10c70e7f159036 5b28fdf
DM+F2006-02-05.AKG.481.v3.d1t07.flac:2fb75506dbc0c11aadd16262a 93e785d
DM+F2006-02-05.AKG.481.v3.d1t08.flac:3a48f581f79a594484dca1e9a b1a832b
DM+F2006-02-05.AKG.481.v3.d1t09.flac:cb2fbcca62f83f778fc6e1989 5edd461
DM+F2006-02-05.AKG.481.v3.d1t10.flac:40557d71409b3d23dbf64a73b 0b0c001

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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