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Re: Busted Stuff

Just thinking about this certainly brings me back to a good time in my life. I'll never forget when I heard about the leak and jumped on Napster to snatch up the tracks! I couldn't believe it!

Also reminds me of meeting my future wife, and all the times we listened to tLWS songs in my car. Reminds me of the car I had, too. A 2000 BMW 740 iL. So many memories of that car and tLWS! Ahh, the good ol' days! Magical time for me.
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    Re: Busted Stuff

    Originally Posted by arizza11 View Post
    I was just listening to Busted Stuff this morning at work and I was thinking if the Lillywhite Sessions were never heard or the whole thing never happened and Busted Stuff was still an album, would it be considered Big 4? I personally think it would be, I really like the album. Wanted to see your guys thoughts.
    For a lot of us that downloaded Lillywhite off of Napster it is Big 3 already. I like Busted Stuff just fine but it is not as haunting as Lillywhite.


    for me and it is really close between those 3
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    Re: Busted Stuff

    I (finally) think there may be something to Dave’s propagating:
    ‘…without Glen Ballard there wouldn’t be a Busted Stuff album.’
    So there
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