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DMB2019-03-27..flac16 (Kevin Rieck)

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Dave Matthews Band
Forum Karlin
Prague, Czech Republic
March 27, 2019

Taped by: Kevin Rieck
Equipment and edit by: Sergey Dimitrov
A big Thank You to the DMB sound crew!
Though the concert was in Europe you'll hear only americans yelling at the band and chatting while the band plays.
To all those disrespectful american fans stay home next time, the European fans don't want you in Europe. The respectful are welcome of course!

*** Distribute only the original, unchanged set of files provided in a community style - no direct downloads!
*** Do not stream, remaster and distribute, embed in online videos the provided files without my explicit permission!
*** For non-commercial use only! Support Dave Matthews Band

00 Intro
01 That Girl Is You
02 What Would You Say
03 Satellite
04 Seven
05 Crush
06 Again and Again
07 Don't Drink the Water
08 Seek Up
09 Here On Out *
10 Dancing Nancies
11 Warehouse
12 Time of the Season
13 Stand Up (For It)
14 Jimi Thing
15 Fly Like an Eagle [partial]
16 She
17 Everyday
18 Ants Marching
19 Sister
20 Pantala Naga Pampa Rapunzel

indicates segue
* Dave solo

dmb2019-03-27_00 Intro.flac:5450f849c6acf964aebccfc206c42a8b
dmb2019-03-27_01 That Girl Is You.flac:e82d04dddc118116414050fd2e353a44
dmb2019-03-27_02 What Would You Say.flac:4f22750dbe01753bfdd22dd56182e15b
dmb2019-03-27_03 Satellite.flac:b4458be377c1f60247cdb855a61c7ae7
dmb2019-03-27_04 Seven.flac:00a126309e778f30dce1aea49a086a71
dmb2019-03-27_05 Crush.flac:6f36ccd68712e1429ef312793eff0f2f
dmb2019-03-27_06 Again and Again.flac:a42856c85464f7b48acc89f836c9efd3
dmb2019-03-27_07 Don't Drink the Water.flac:586e737cb2987081aebf195368df6f6d
dmb2019-03-27_08 Seek Up.flac:405ceb0a98dafb4d0da79b7c0bd7de87
dmb2019-03-27_09 Here On Out.flac:3132d07dd1b528f70098445f5cf445f3
dmb2019-03-27_10 Dancing Nancies.flac:da4288b46303da4017ef653ff6b70ef3
dmb2019-03-27_11 Warehouse.flac:ae966f175ef4d4974d55169a31342035
dmb2019-03-27_12 Time of the Season.flac:fd27e7e31884b809d4f50dafc19b59e6
dmb2019-03-27_13 Stand Up (For It).flac:68bfc209551fde29ebba3ab2696d1b12
dmb2019-03-27_14 Jimi Thing.flac:6d5e2b2eac4ccfa9c7e24497631603bd
dmb2019-03-27_15 Fly Like an Eagle [partial].flac:2b242b8ae85f2f580adaadb8bb3038f4
dmb2019-03-27_16 She.flac:79f2a02a324040b880ab8d56aee06ef1
dmb2019-03-27_17 Everyday.flac:aa55851ff051cbc236429931499a93c3
dmb2019-03-27_18 Ants Marching.flac:44c802a1abb7b3e8ee19daf5999b17fa
dmb2019-03-27_19 Sister.flac:e92843c52a2e5afc3cceb60bd4d7df4e
dmb2019-03-27_20 Pantala Naga Pampa - Rapunzel.flac:f326aa24a8c2cb6eb454772697280363

462a197e82446d60f7a8e2a7eff6596e *dmb2019-03-27_00 Intro.mp3
51c09e159041a4d2516a3536a391724f *dmb2019-03-27_01 That Girl Is You.mp3
1dbed0fdc2d695a011d56ecafd902e3c *dmb2019-03-27_02 What Would You Say.mp3
23c275f1dd0123558f8f91eeadb847ee *dmb2019-03-27_03 Satellite.mp3
d6a93dd6f34723d72ffcce0d25f1e103 *dmb2019-03-27_04 Seven.mp3
3c78f23d47038c9f12655daf7f1aa4f8 *dmb2019-03-27_05 Crush.mp3
1604c147dac77743d7adaf9963ae997d *dmb2019-03-27_06 Again and Again.mp3
804e1fe5abdba3317f97e66bb3350524 *dmb2019-03-27_07 Don't Drink the Water.mp3
ab0c1b57ed93e6c59e6413dd535961b8 *dmb2019-03-27_08 Seek Up.mp3
64ddb2873d6e0dc6fa45804ee9ec26d6 *dmb2019-03-27_09 Here On Out.mp3
208d0deb11d57c93f229096236d82f6a *dmb2019-03-27_10 Dancing Nancies.mp3
1e875d07362df75f5cf4f441e1d6f5bd *dmb2019-03-27_11 Warehouse.mp3
4c27c08bf2eb9e1d6ed695b89881acfb *dmb2019-03-27_12 Time of the Season.mp3
daa0187b0c25d10e0ccea2f8a4acfe34 *dmb2019-03-27_13 Stand Up (For It).mp3
4c157d1d584a5ad76e06f1016f01e5c1 *dmb2019-03-27_14 Jimi Thing.mp3
6373a03a449b9a13eba01cb0415e5f99 *dmb2019-03-27_15 Fly Like an Eagle [partial].mp3
10b45ce075a748f42c87ce4e5aed51e1 *dmb2019-03-27_16 She.mp3
009ae019b1aaa0e146cd716313b5d031 *dmb2019-03-27_17 Everyday.mp3
97be397f99bb2aec647c7acb044a1294 *dmb2019-03-27_18 Ants Marching.mp3
93147c27a0638d757202634fc77b8ae6 *dmb2019-03-27_19 Sister.mp3
d0ef5a20eb9c999b8333d15285dcb364 *dmb2019-03-27_20 Pantala Naga Pampa - Rapunzel.mp3

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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