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DMB1992-12-23.MasterSoundboardHiFi->LucidAD9624->DAT(48KHZ).shnf (Allan Chen)

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Dave Matthews Band
December 23, 1992
Richmond, VA

source: Master Soundboard HiFi -> Lucid AD9624 -> DAT (48KHZ)

CD --> SHN: allan chen
Plextor Manager 2000>mkwact

typical situations
dancing nancies
one sweet world (instrumental intro)
true refLections
dave and the big chimney guy
song that jane likes
best of what's around
lie in our graves
so much to say (peter harmonica intro)
angel from montgomery

what would you say

*end of set I*

seek up
two step-->
help myself

pay for what you get
blue water
E: all along the watchtower
E: christmas song ("blood of our children")

*some audio problems (levels drop almost to zero) between 7:00 and 8:00 on d1t02
*dropout from <1:42 to 1:48> and <2:36 to 2:38> in d1t12
*dropout from <3:23 to 3:45>, <3:48 to 3:53>, <4:09 TO 4:11>, <4:14 to 4:24>,
and <6:03 to 6:13> in d2t08

compiled by allan chen

1a7f504d2c75c7d41803f8a52a535fb1 *dmb1992-12-23d1t01.shn
fa6d03d95448a7c7109089d46dadc1bd *dmb1992-12-23d1t02.shn
49b08a43511476046219cbab169df69a *dmb1992-12-23d1t03.shn
f3c5d0ce3b8c80bdc8c1783369f19299 *dmb1992-12-23d1t04.shn
e8a149aa48232f40df27466366194c61 *dmb1992-12-23d1t05.shn
d8bc11c808a5145a4fe91d78f8cc90e2 *dmb1992-12-23d1t06.shn
1cd49a08e985d46fe6b1da2eb24232fa *dmb1992-12-23d1t07.shn
7c715feb08674b8d016ec85351fe89c2 *dmb1992-12-23d1t08.shn
17797399e778d9edbde7619fe008b946 *dmb1992-12-23d1t09.shn
cceacbc86264ce09a0b3878e9b60af02 *dmb1992-12-23d1t10.shn
3f7700da55a319abd742dd567e95a778 *dmb1992-12-23d1t11.shn
2940767797fe30a6af1079e68f80b670 *dmb1992-12-23d1t12.shn
b8b07383b14b22d66189bea6fff57eb1 *dmb1992-12-23d2t01.shn
223242a49e4c4fafaad04ab5a294de28 *dmb1992-12-23d2t02.shn
5fbcfd98c5b45a4e3b56acd40ec10cbb *dmb1992-12-23d2t03.shn
f976d0adfa19019a98e78504648d4c8c *dmb1992-12-23d2t04.shn
3ee22d1fac6ad0aebd29f1acdda2eedd *dmb1992-12-23d2t05.shn
d64c3f90302aa85ae2762ef1e342e797 *dmb1992-12-23d2t06.shn
34db822ba2180e66c392a54e8612ea80 *dmb1992-12-23d2t07.shn
55e3b72e50df97d7e35b0814c6362461 *dmb1992-12-23d2t08.shn
f1a016e9454786eeb9ca03386eb12328 *dmb1992-12-23d3t01.shn
da8ba1d3aaf25c9f858bfd22d2d6d7cf *dmb1992-12-23d3t02.shn
01813ff71401567afe8ec34af3200cfb *dmb1992-12-23d3t03.shn
50ec9f106c771842f9704c79c869ba3c *dmb1992-12-23d3t04.shn
b04c419c516b04d968490b056c864e25 *dmb1992-12-23d3t05.shn
f62a9e93a27be07700273c7871aa82cb *dmb1992-12-23d3t06.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB1992-12-23.MasterSoundboardHiFi->LucidAD9624->DAT(48KHZ).shnf (Allan Chen)

    the "Here" link for problems doesn't work - neither does this torrent. Downloaded and when converting from SHN to WAV all tracks had errors. Thanks for all you guys do.
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    Re: DMB1992-12-23.MasterSoundboardHiFi->LucidAD9624->DAT(48KHZ).shnf (Allan Chen)

    shn files in this torrent won't decode, FYI
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    Re: DMB1992-12-23.MasterSoundboardHiFi->LucidAD9624->DAT(48KHZ).shnf (Allan Chen)

    As has been noted, and confirming, the shn files will not decode.
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