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DMB2014-08-26.um70s.flac16 (Mike Albright)

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Dave Matthews Band
Les Schwab Amphitheater
Bend, Oregon

Recorded/Mixed by Mike Albright

Source: Microtech-Gefell UM70-S cardioids (Neumann M-7 capsules)ORTF + Samson CL2's Cardioid in XY configuration all 15' up > Sound Devices MP-2 (Mix-Pre) power supply (x2) > Edirol R-44

Lineage: R-44 > Audacity (panning, mixing) > Amadeus (fades, tracking) > xACT (FLAC formatting)

Thanks to DMB for the access to record!

Set #1 (Acoustic)
d01t01- Take Me to Tomorrow
d01t02- Stay or Leave
d01t03- Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)
d01t04- Two Step
d01t05- So Damn Lucky
d01t06- Lie in Our Graves
d01t07- Snow Outside
d01t01- What Would You Say
Set #2 (Electric)
d02t01- One Sweet World
d02t02- Funny the Way It Is
d02t03- Save Me
d02t04- Crush
d02t05- Belly Belly Nice
d02t06- Digging a Ditch
d02t07- Minarets
d01t08- #41
d03t01- Rooftop
d03t02- Jimi Thing
d03t03-Grey Street
d03t04- break
d03t05- Sister
d03t06- Don't Drink the Water
d03t07- Shake Me Like a Monkey

dmb20140826d01t01.flac:dd84ed7fd9c4962b7e63fa9a9fe 25886
dmb20140826d01t02.flac:df1115951c4e90cae2d45c15585 06bef
dmb20140826d01t03.flac:27b2857daed93e69a5e0355b3d4 3d73f
dmb20140826d01t04.flac:7115ca8c248b105764e2ebe6dd4 6dded
dmb20140826d01t05.flac:4c575ae4052cb7ad112217b17e6 604e3
dmb20140826d01t06.flac:bf314cb0e6e12359a96f525db06 50aa2
dmb20140826d01t07.flac:db43e3ddd1ce6edfa8f026af2a6 48f2b
dmb20140826d01t08.flac:951d255f9d7312f7c70ef25f00e a1769
dmb20140826d02t01.flac:a70768589e744f042d037c58b8f 728a7
dmb20140826d02t02.flac:307f578b1c915774ae96d52c50c ac809
dmb20140826d02t03.flac:f12a7a1164d66a3d531666a2a03 3c918
dmb20140826d02t04.flac:60a66130f037b52482be094ae7c 095d7
dmb20140826d02t05.flac:6911fce42f8d3bd66e3b1fe9474 d953a
dmb20140826d02t06.flac:388c8248994364566dd8d41bc76 ff500
dmb20140826d02t07.flac:28d7c27ef78d65b9551863f7eff eae00
dmb20140826d02t08.flac:4b4b2e6f201bc4ffb4af0381fc3 0b2f4
dmb20140826d03t01.flac:2eac8e22c5c8e5eed00a9ed8062 4bad6
dmb20140826d03t02.flac:df504861660ecec4b0033049279 732ee
dmb20140826d03t03.flac:d037d797f4bbbed47e22b77a6f5 9b683
dmb20140826d03t04.flac:7960db73740d3819780ce37e7d1 113e6
dmb20140826d03t05.flac:fc4cbe3bd26a305ba2f134de7ee ef41c
dmb20140826d03t06.flac:c21e540d41e0f3eae2ed6df2145 7f25d
dmb20140826d03t07.flac:210fd5f3b7be6d0dde8ad995d1c 23b18

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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