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Re: DMB and the Present Tense

Originally Posted by HonestDenver1 View Post
I get why anyone wouldn't like it, especially after Sister. But I probably like it for the same reasons you don't...

I just said I do like Baby Blue, do you mean the plural you?
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    Re: DMB and the Present Tense

    I have an overall problem with Come Tomorrow. For me, it's just a glorified B-Sides album. I mean, 4 producers in one album? I remember watching this video of the 4 producers on a round table and I was like "Really???".

    To me, the last great song all around was Drunken Soldier, and before that, Lying on the Hands of God.

    Let's wait and see what happens next.

    Originally Posted by HonestDenver1 View Post
    I see what you're saying, and DMB never really had the misfortune of totally falling into obscurity like say Neil Young in the 80's... Neil went off the deep end after making a dozen plus great albums solo and with bands... I'm not saying he had no fans, but was not looked at as a relevant artist due to crazy electronic albums like Trans...

    Neil made a return to form though with Harvest Moon and caught the ride that the 90's brought back in terms of raw acoustic music... That might be his last great album, but he certainly has made good quality relevant music since then again...

    I think DMB has potential for one more amazing album if they let themselves. If Dave can look past the more surface level lyrics that so many songs have, and get deep again.. A Song like Singing From the Windows gives me hope that he certainly has that ability to... Though I don't think that particular song is a BAND song, it is a great song..

    Samurai Cop, Virginia in the Rain, Again and Again, DYR, Black and Bluebird all are great songs on a subpar album... It's just not cohesive at all... Production is a bit lacking in spots due to it being rushed out again... But those songs all are well crafted. You can tell time was spent on them as opposed to a song like Come Tomorrow which is pretty, but ultimately means nothing and should be a pop song for a 17 year old...

    I really thought when Samurai Cop came out it was going to be a renaissance of DMB... I know not everyone likes it, but it had a lot of passion and energy and freshness to it... Unfortunately it should have just been a single as it doesn't fit the album it was put on...

    We'll never get the old DMB sound again. That is impossible. But I think this 4.0 band is as strong of a cohesive musical force as a 30 year old band can be... It's just a matter of them not worrying about writing "A hit song".. Dave gets so in his head about themes that are universal... Which his themes have been.. But they had so much more depth than You & Me, Everyday, Mercy... etc... Like a simple song doesn't have to disrespect the audience's intelligence...

    I will hold out hope that one more 16 song double album awaits us... possibly half songs that we already know, and the other half new... But bring back Lillywhite, Cavallo, John D Earth, Bela Fleck... Musicians and producers that bring the best out of this band...

    If you take DMB's best songs since 2009 you'd have one really great album.

    Shake Me
    Why I Am
    Samurai Cop
    Lying in the Hands of God
    Again and Again
    Can't Stop
    Virginia Naked in the Rain
    Black and Blue Bird
    Little Red Bird
    Broken Things
    Belly Belly Nice
    Do You Remember
    Beach Ball
    Snow Outside
    Drunken Soldier
    Baby Blue
    Grux reprise
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