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Remember Two Things Poster Question

I tried really hard not to buy this poster. The owner had it listed for $40 for the last month or two and I kept stumbling into the ad when surfing Marketplace. A few weeks ago I noticed the seller marked it down to $25. I still passed on it. It's not that I don't want it but its final resting place would be on a wall in my basement and my whole basement needs to be renovated. I want to say I have something like 6-7 DMB concert posters that need to be framed and hung at some point. At this point I don't have any idea what kind of wall space I'll even have available for an additional poster. So I did my best to ignore the ad. Well......I came across the ad one more time and I slipped up. I sent a message and said, "Will you go $15 cash?" Fully expecting her to say, "No" as she originally had it listed for $40. She said, "Sure, I can do that". I was weak and feeble and I thought she would say, "No". I had no other choice now to go and buy it!

I did zero research on the poster prior to purchasing it. I thought it was a cool poster and it was a good enough excuse to go and snag it. When I brought it home I noticed it had the year 1993 marked on it. I just assumed it was from around 1997 when RCA rereleased the album. When researching the poster the very few results I found had mentioned the year 1993. This has to be one of their earlier posters if the year is accurate? I messaged the seller and asked if she could give me some background of the origin of the poster. She was given the poster from her friend who was recently married and down sizing his collection. That's as far as I got. Does anyone know where this poster came from? Were they concert posters? I see one listed on Ebay and have noticed a few others that have sold through Ebay that mentioned them being a rare poster. I just picked it up as I couldn't resist and I've always liked that album cover. I'm interested if anyone has some info on it. Thanks for the help!
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