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DMB2019-03-25..flac16 (Kevin Rieck)

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Dave Matthews Band
COS Torwar
Warsaw, Poland
March 25, 2019

Taped by: Kevin Rieck
Equipment and edit by: Sergey Dimitrov
A big Thank You to the DMB sound crew!
Though the concert was in Europe you'll hear only americans yelling at the band and chatting while the band plays.
To all those disrespectful american fans stay home next time, the European fans don't want you in Europe. The respectful are welcome of course!

*** Distribute only the original, unchanged set of files provided in a community style - no direct downloads!
*** Do not stream, remaster and distribute, embed in online videos the provided files without my explicit permission!
*** For non-commercial use only! Support Dave Matthews Band

00 Intro
01 What Would You Say
02 Warehouse
03 That Girl Is You
04 Crush
05 Stand Up (For It)
06 Do You Remember
07 You Might Die Trying
08 Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)
09 Lying in the Hands of God
10 Sledgehammer
11 Here On Out *
12 Don't Drink the Water
13 Jimi Thing
14 Fly Like an Eagle [partial]
15 Can't Stop
16 Gravedigger
17 Granny
18 Ants Marching
19 The Space Between
20 All Along the Watchtower

indicates segue
* Dave solo

dmb2019-03-25_00 Intro.flac:d2acfd2f52266d88fb7b7a9721a3a5bc
dmb2019-03-25_01 What Would You Say.flac:0fee4362587fadb9d7e819a5da7dd4e2
dmb2019-03-25_02 Warehouse.flac:598d95c378136234c0405439ceba5af7
dmb2019-03-25_03 That Girl Is You.flac:36240b02232f352f6fcf292b0e6c1a65
dmb2019-03-25_04 Crush.flac:6b22475561db6ba22c78f5fd790624bf
dmb2019-03-25_05 Stand Up (For It).flac:2f78ff663e351c1fb86fc60f33686cd1
dmb2019-03-25_06 Do You Remember.flac:cc39c05093fd75da4389b2eb5c23b3c7
dmb2019-03-25_07 You Might Die Trying.flac:01de60aa90869ebd40ce46fff600bded
dmb2019-03-25_08 Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin).flac:991faf06f39c610aa9220af252196e3c
dmb2019-03-25_09 Lying in the Hands of God.flac:0b61f5d734dc98bbe9a6a5967207d904
dmb2019-03-25_10 Sledgehammer.flac:5f2de0abaf32c5dc7ac1579646943edd
dmb2019-03-25_11 Here On Out.flac:2f955272a4701ecde4cca91d2c2b63fc
dmb2019-03-25_12 Don't Drink the Water.flac:f882090b90aa6ad9c0864fee99a198c1
dmb2019-03-25_13 Jimi Thing.flac:1f73ea01a56ede06520720d61ac21f9f
dmb2019-03-25_14 Fly Like an Eagle.flac:6defb5eed97072b33a989fa3707920fe
dmb2019-03-25_15 Can't Stop.flac:6ecbbbfb7b21af05c7f002e4ca720b8d
dmb2019-03-25_16 Gravedigger.flac:0d5477cb924e4cb5f0bb3b44bce682b2
dmb2019-03-25_17 Granny.flac:08af6e1a88a459144154eb28d019ca80
dmb2019-03-25_18 Ants Marching.flac:3e5536f334ea1f00f0b4ff09d65b5be5
dmb2019-03-25_19 The Space Between.flac:55d71b273474bb93d2ea0c2610e84b20
dmb2019-03-25_20 All Along the Watchtower.flac:0168d554fd2717d65faff0181fe5dfa3

7947f0653345a95ac374142b3db1fdac *dmb2019-03-25_00 Intro.mp3
81f897d0accfb443be3a87d76918f8b9 *dmb2019-03-25_01 What Would You Say.mp3
9a8235b494fd09d0f6c70347105e33ae *dmb2019-03-25_02 Warehouse.mp3
6db98e33ed1d0f3d4a92afaaa2b0f0c1 *dmb2019-03-25_03 That Girl Is You.mp3
99774f9b9a742f329a899eb3dcfd3d83 *dmb2019-03-25_04 Crush.mp3
6bf98585385eaa52245c493d88ff6739 *dmb2019-03-25_05 Stand Up (For It).mp3
94427e58b55624e8422697ca2f4a6b37 *dmb2019-03-25_06 Do You Remember.mp3
d8d47af3821ffeea3e4b9739c871cbd4 *dmb2019-03-25_07 You Might Die Trying.mp3
43d27bb1a8cbb645e06c41f2e43daf53 *dmb2019-03-25_08 Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin).mp3
0a33acee5aec7ebd67971b9730ab8298 *dmb2019-03-25_09 Lying in the Hands of God.mp3
dcd1cc48a67d2344307e77c52aafcaa7 *dmb2019-03-25_10 Sledgehammer.mp3
7d621b1cf0e6f39149ef52b4ba63698f *dmb2019-03-25_11 Here On Out.mp3
ba330254730a2cab215f7b6f9830cc49 *dmb2019-03-25_12 Don't Drink the Water.mp3
377c3fe15f4423e4845df98e67c71c70 *dmb2019-03-25_13 Jimi Thing.mp3
1cabcf3a8e4e636873e3dc3cfdd8c096 *dmb2019-03-25_14 Fly Like an Eagle.mp3
3e812bd65c468fbb3ce886c2fab0a1ed *dmb2019-03-25_15 Can't Stop.mp3
94d970a932b5d552702558c397a67f26 *dmb2019-03-25_16 Gravedigger.mp3
dadf7cfd8f6b2f4df933c2e53a105d0f *dmb2019-03-25_17 Granny.mp3
5f4767c4e67618bc0c2f2bf09f74716b *dmb2019-03-25_18 Ants Marching.mp3
59cbfa2eb8fccc93781b2a3f6b5ca991 *dmb2019-03-25_19 The Space Between.mp3
1b05e0d00ddbd720a2a5fe843b01a96a *dmb2019-03-25_20 All Along the Watchtower.mp3

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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