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Spac n2 2016

Didn't get to N1 so going into the day was questioning if they could play a better set than the previous night. Had a few drinks downtown, saw Timmy and Rashawn walking the streets. Saw Fonz in a bar as well downtown pre-show. Got to the park around 4:45, got into the venue around 6:45. Sat balcony section 21 row D. Met a lot of friendly people not only at the show but also downtown. Couple people from out of town, seemed like first timers at SPAC, but the majority were big fans from what I could tell.

Band takes the stage right around 8:30. The band acknowledged the loud eruption from the crowd. I noticed Dave made the notion as to take his vitamins on the stage. Mentioned to my fiancÚ the last time I saw him do that was 6/29/13....turned out to be one of my all time favorite shows.

Pig - I had said the whole day during the drive and at the park I felt a Stone or Pig opener. From where we were sitting and how loud the crowd was I had a hard time hearing the first few notes. After about 5-8 seconds, jubilation for me took place. Anytime I catch this song I am content with going home shortly after really. Loud singalong, Dave seemed to be in a quirky mood. Seemed getty at points.

Last Stop - Saw him grab the 12 string. Had been talking about seeing JTR debut with other fans around me. I had thought that's what it would be. Was floored with the start of this. What a start to a show. Finally was able to complete BTCS for me. Loud singalong again, loud ovation after song. Dave proceeds to talk and dance during/after songs all night. His usual "I like this place" comment. First play at SPAC since 1998.
They could have brought out Regis Philbin and covered his christmas album the rest of the night, I was content.

#41 - Standard version, loud singalong. Dave danced a lot during the show overall believe a good amount took place here.

Seven - standard version, loud singalong again. Dave dancing yet again.

WTWE - standard version, Little Dave Speak in between this area. something to the degree of "Good to be back here....SPAC!"

TSTJL - standard version

Proudest Monkey - was glad to see this one again, really a favorite in our household. Wasn't sure if we'd see it since they teased it the night before. Jammed out, Dave danced a ton here. Loud afterwards. Dave speak afterwards

Bismarck - first time hearing it, jam on the end is fantastic

WWYS - loud singalong, Dave again dancing around.

Mercy - bathroom break for me, caught the end jam which I do enjoy at times. "Come and Dance with me" chants during the end jam. Didn't really fit but the band seemed to play along with it. That chant took place at least 1 other spot during the show just forget where. Believe it was on the back end of 41.

Dancing Nancies - glad to catch this one again. Boyd was awesome here. Loud singalong yet again. Boyd staring down Dave, then heading to the front of the stage, then toward Fonz. Dave speak afterwards.

Space Between - loud singalong. Liked it here, glad to see it again.

Rhyme and Reason - Wow! Joe Lawlor wrecks here. Solo intro for about a min or two. Get the tape for this version one of the better ones I have ever heard. Glad to see it.

Say Goodbye - Another loud sing along, standard version. Always enjoy this at shows.

YMDT - standard version, Dave dancing again.

KTP - about 2 mins worth, Dave finishes and lights go down

Why I Am - starts with a loud eruption, standard version

AATW - Fonz's solo intro was really cool here. Loud singalong, Dave seemed to hold the "Late" extra long here. Dave dancing around, even believe I saw a jump from him here. Loud what felt like slam dunk from the band here. Which Dave gave a large jump towards the front of the stage to spike the song. Dave speak at the end thanking the crowd.

Encore Break -----------------------------
Seemed like a longer than usual break. From what I could tell it seemed like Dave changed shirts here. I had noticed his first shirt was soaked. It was muggy pretty much all night, some rain had falling towards the halfway mark of the set and thought the end of the show. Two Step chants here.

Oh - Dave and Tim take the stage and seem to be in high spirits. Chatting, laughing. I believe Dave cracked a few jokes about Timmy here. Seemed to be a bit of a funky version from Tim, Dave was enjoying it.

Two Step - Dave introduces the band just before this song starts. Was the first time he did so during the night. He had done individual members throughout the night but not the whole band. He had a comment for each one, not sure what he said for all of them. Did catch the "It pisses me off how good he is" comment about Carter. Loud eruption from the crowd, many people jumping around. Just at the end of Carter's solo is where the song ended. They sent his solo right into....

Halloween - Loudest eruption of the night. Dave yet again jumped to end the continues to play...Dave goes to the back of the stage runs to the front and spikes the song again.

What a night. Had a blast. It was only the 2nd time in band history that they played Pig, Last Stop, and Halloween at the same show. Only other time was April 21st, 1998 at The Tabernacle in Atlanta. Such a treat.

The band sounds fantastic they are truly enjoying it out there. Both shows I went to this year felt as close as ever to vintage DMB that you can get at this point. A night many will always remember for sure.

PS: Carter is still worth the price of admission and always will be.

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