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The Gorge N3 9/4/2016

I haven't done one of these in a while, and it seems others don't do too many either. Being a little over 2 weeks past the Gorge weekend I had to get another taste so I put on the full show YouTube video from N3 and everything came flooding back. This was my 27th show, 6th at the Gorge. I've been fortunate enough over the last 8 years of actually seeing the band to see some phenomenal shows, but for some reason this one just stands out.

There was something in the air knowing that it was the last show of the tour, the last show before the year long break and the final day at the Gorge. I was giddy, the people around me were and it felt like the band were on the same page as well. I happened to be in the pit and my two buddies and I hung out at the back just left of dead center, a perfect view of what was about to unfold.

Now I wasn't really expecting anything, nor was I going to be upset if something wasn't played. I was simply there just awaiting what they would throw at me. The most vivid memory is just the feeling of joy and happiness throughout the entire show, no matter what they played I was just grooving along knowing that this is all we'd get for quite some time. So here we go...

The Stone- there's a video on YouTube taken from just to the right of me and you can here me yell, "Oh my god, let's goooo!" What a way to start the show, incredible version that set the bar.

Proudest Monkey- I'm actually a pretty big fan of this song so I enjoyed it. It felt like Dave was telling us he's the Proudest Monkey being able to do what he's done for the past 25 years. Good mellow vibe that they played well.

Crash Into Me- Figured it would come and why not? One of their bigger hits and everyone was into it.

Old Dirt Hill- I've seen a lot of people say they wished this was replaced with something but I absolutely loved it. I thought it was a phenomenal version and it just felt like Dave reminiscing on what they've been through. I loved it and the show is rolling.

Idea of You- thought it was Shotgun at first and was about to lose my head, but IOY started and I went back to grooving. Real tight version..."Gone, gone, gone!!!"...."Want to stay but I think I'm getting out of here.."

...I didn't realize it at the time but when I rewatched the show all these opening songs just pointed to the guys looking back and not believing that this will be the first real break they've taken in 25 years. Felt very surreal rewatching...

Burning Down the House- I was hoping for no covers, but this was just plain fun. Basically foreshadowing what they'd be doing the rest of the show. "WATCH OUT!!" Got goosebumps when it started, looked around and everyone was just having an incredible time.

#41- the song that got me into DMB. I didn't think I'd get emotional but I remember just having chills and getting watery eyes during this one. This thing is about to take off...

Say Goodbye- yessssssss!! One of my top 5 songs and it was incredible. Carlos Malta was unreal, the intro was unbelievable and the rest was just perfect. Continuing to fit into the last show theme, the energy and passion was palpable.

So Damn Lucky- not something I would choose, but I felt it was really fitting. One of my favorite parts is Carter coming in with that hard snare before the first chorus.... "Take me baaaack..." (I'm rolling with this theme) I'm not a big fan of Thank You chants (Alpine is my home venue) but it fit perfectly into the jam and Dave even said "We started following y'all"

Minarets- I'll never get sick of the scat intro and when this one comes in full force it's one of the best sounding things the band plays IMO, it just gets everyone feeling it. The lights are always incredible, but it's always a spectacle for Minarets. Classic DMB, so glad this got put in.

Where Are You Going- first real slow down of the night, but well deserved. I interpreted this as the band speaking to themselves and the crowd speaking back to them as they sang along.

Rhyme & Reason- Hell yes. I said I was hoping for anything, but deep down I really wanted to hear this. Don't ask me why, but weeks leading up to the trip I just got in this R&R funk and was jamming it hard. Joe Lawlor CRUSHED it, and that's an understatement. FANTASTIC version and this got the place back jamming hard again.

Lie In Our Graves- just as I was thinking "where is Boyd" this starts. "Would you not like to be..." My buddy lost it because this is his absolute jam, he used to play violin so he would always try to jam along to this, let's just say his air violin was out in full force haha. During Boyd's jam was another surreal moment, it's such a staple of what DMB is and it just felt like there was so much emotion in it, Boyd did not disappoint and sounded great.

The Maker- well screw that whole not wanting covers if they play this! First time hearing it live and I was speechless. Just simply beautiful, nothing else to say here.

You Might Die Trying- and we're back! I think the boys realized that they gave and they got the world. Great jam and got everyone going again. Absolutely love the outro to this, so much passion.

Typical Situation- wow, didn't even realize this hadn't been played yet. The horn jam between Jeff Carlos and Rashawn was so cool, those guys tore it up. Outstanding set so far, thinking this could be it but...

The Last Stop- excuse my language, but FUCK YA!!! Knew it would be played, but had no idea where. Another fitting piece to the goodbye theme. "This is the LAST STOP!" Got teared up during the outro and figured this was the end of the main set until..

Ants Marching- the snare!! This is the DMB anthem and what a way to close the set. When everyone comes together for the close after the jam is indeed the best thing the band plays and the goosebumps wouldn't go away. I don't think my buddies and I spoke after the end, we were just anxious to see what the encore had to bring.


Pig- wow, just wow. I had a feeling it'd be played, and it was just perfect. I really did feel small as dust during this. Looking around at the venue just made me realize why I love this band. We were in the greatest concert setting in the world, listening to my favorite band in the world, with the best people in the world. What could be better? I just wish I could...

Stay- I've heard others say they wished it was something different, but how perfect does this fit. Everyone wanted to stay, the crowd, the band, everyone. It's weird because this was another song I was playing more than normal before the trip. I've always enjoyed the song, didn't hate it, didn't love it. But then for it to close the weekend just felt like "I guess I was listening to it more for a reason"

Really thought a second encore was coming, but honestly I think they closed it perfectly. This show was amazing. That was Dave Matthews Band doing what they do best. I enjoy the new songs, but none were played on this special night because the boys knew they were going to play what got them to where they were at. The energy from beginning to end was through the roof and a smile never left my face, even as my eyes grew teary. I feel as though they'll be back in 2018, but if this really is the last show they play I think I'm completely content (I don't believe it is, just saying). A perfect ending to an outstanding weekend left me with my favorite show I've ever seen. Something was just special about the night. They said goodbye the best way they knew how.

As much as the band makes you scratch your head for some of the things they do I can say this firmly:
I love this band.
I love my fellow fans.
And I absolutely adore the experiences I've had with both.
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    ...til we dance away.
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    Re: The Gorge N3 9/4/2016

    great review of an absolutely incredible evening

    my favorite show I've ever been to, end to end
    2019: P'cola. JazzFest. SPAC x2.
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    Re: The Gorge N3 9/4/2016

    Originally Posted by ajc_1988 View Post
    great review of an absolutely incredible evening

    my favorite show I've ever been to, end to end
    True on both accounts. Damn, 22 years of seeing these guys play, and the best show I saw was this last one. Jimminy Fuck Nuts, N3 was amazing.
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