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Re: Insta-skips

She and Come Tomorrow

Samurai Cop is getting tired
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    Re: Insta-skips

    I gave Samurai Cop a rest for about a month; went back to it yesterday. It was good to hear it again.
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    Re: Insta-skips

    Originally Posted by Blackandblu34 View Post
    Honestly, for how much I loved Samurai Cop at first, it's kind of like Crash now. I know it's a good song. I don't need to hear it every time I put the album on. I just go straight to Can't Stop and let it rip .
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    Re: Insta-skips

    Two months in I just turn off the album after Do You Remember. Come Tomorrow is a try hard track and When I’m Weary is fine, but I’m just not interested in listening to it.

    Samurai Cop was a skippable song, but I only started playing it again. It’s good
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    Re: Insta-skips

    She and Can’t Stop are the only two insta-skips.

    rest of the album is great and i still listen to it constantly 3 months after release.

    man, if only Bismarck and Shotgun were there instead of She and Can’t Stop...
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