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DMB2009-04-26.web.flac16 (dmbfan41)

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Dave Matthews Band
Fairgrounds Race Course & Slots
(New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival)
New Orleans, LA
April 26, 2009

Captured by: dmbfan41
Source: AT&T Music Webcast > WireTap Studio 1.0.9 (7252) @ 16-bit 44.100 kHz WAV > Audacity 1.3.7 (split) > xACT 1.64 (FLAC Compression @ 6 & Tag)
Source note: webcast audio is transcoded. this is not a true lossless capture.


** partial set -- AT&T Music only webcasted 1 hour of the show **

01. Introduction
02. Grey Street
03. Why I Am
04. Anyone Seen the Bridge >
05. Too Much (fake) >
06. Ants Marching
07. #41
08. Funny the Way It Is
09. Stay (Wasting Time)
10. (encore break)
11. Pantala Naga Pampa >
12. Rapunzel

* All songs with Tim Reynolds, Rashawn Ross, and Jeff Coffin

23b791dce0165203231a694b25bb4253 *dmb2009-04-26.webcast.wts.t01.flac
6eb36bc025f8eddeeb4dcb954fee21d7 *dmb2009-04-26.webcast.wts.t02.flac
e98f0ea2da704000582d61c31d3de7fc *dmb2009-04-26.webcast.wts.t03.flac
4a0903ecaf462b7a7232aa549ae12b03 *dmb2009-04-26.webcast.wts.t04.flac
4108ef24faf96e301447e4f2490907c5 *dmb2009-04-26.webcast.wts.t05.flac
29ad65f8dfd0dab64f612aa3bc238c51 *dmb2009-04-26.webcast.wts.t06.flac
5288a5d808dadeecd6534fccfbc27a3e *dmb2009-04-26.webcast.wts.t07.flac
0a2610ff8f8ab393aa7c3807e9289aec *dmb2009-04-26.webcast.wts.t08.flac
b8d472e13ab508932e903c7c782b97e7 *dmb2009-04-26.webcast.wts.t09.flac
fa0359b63646d0059476c1f1458aec43 *dmb2009-04-26.webcast.wts.t10.flac
65f165fb8238a6a2bdaf880a924d3214 *dmb2009-04-26.webcast.wts.t11.flac
432b4c5e01b5ad26c2fd7cf863244faf *dmb2009-04-26.webcast.wts.t12.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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