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What a Beautiful Buzz
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Spoons, Holidays and Suburbs: A Year in Review

12/28/09 Phish/Miami
I am no Phish Aphicianado Phan, but I had a blast in Miami. They opened with a great Sample. I got to rock with 3 very good friends from West Palm Beach and my soon to be ex-girlfriend. Contact, Weekapaug Groove and Contact were up there on my list of fun diddies. I really have to say that the song that took my fandom to a new level was the encore of Tube. Holy shit! Trey really placed some perfect notes. This song blew my mind. My 2010 was brought in properly.

1/1/10 Galactic/Freebird Cafe/Jacksonville Beach, Fl
Every year before they hit the Jam Cruise, Stanton and the boys burn Jax Beach to the ground. I got backstage after and met Ben and Stanton. I have to say they were on fire all night. Really love the NOLA funk. It's good for your ass and soul!

1/22/10 Gov't Mule/House of Blues/Orlando, Fl
I thought this show was probably one opf the best Mule shows I have seen. Opened with Soulshine and then ripped thru Thorazine Shuffle. Warren knows how to play a room, man. These guys were on fire after 2 songs. Gameface was tight per the norm and Beautifully Broken is one of my favorite Mule tunes in the land.Steve Morse from Deep Purple came out to help slay The Hunter and Sco-Mule. Mule's version of John The Revelator was flatout the best performance of the night. Danny Louis gets up on his B3 and starts blaring the Trumpet. They rolled out some the By a Thread tunes this evening and Jorgen fits right in. I have said over and over again that he drives Warren a little harder than Andy did. He is a nice return to the old Mule.

2/10/10 Mike Doughty/Jack Rabbit's/Jacksonville, Fl
Roof and I had some drunken night at this one! Sweet Jesus. Mike has a cello player named Andrew 'Scrap' Livingston. They put a Question Jar on a seat at the foot of the stage and you can ask them any question you want. "It's Raining Men" was brought up. He has really good crowd interaction. He yelled at me a lot for those of you in the know, Fire Truck was jammed here.

2/12/10 Mike Doughty/The Social/Orlando, Fl
Same duo, new city. This show was a complete 180 from the Jville show. Mike was slightly standoffish this evenening and didn't answer many questions. Roof and I still rocked. We hung out after and he cordially signed some tickets. All in all, he is a nice guy. He is also very moody. What can you expect from a guy that titled his album Sad Man, Happy Man

Somewhere in here, I went to 2 Dave Matthews Tribute Band Shows. One in Tallahassee, Fl and one in St Pete. I met Florida Dave and Frederick in Tally, then I met the rest of the FlAnts in St. Pete at Alicia and Justin's. More on these kids later as this ultimately helped me spend a couple more dollars on the impending tour. Damn you guys As for the shows, I have an amazing amount of fun at these shows and the boys try not to stray to far from the actual thing. Amazing friends have been met at these shows!!

2/2/10 Furthur/Hard Rock Live/ Orlando
I can post about 3 pages on this show, I can regurgitate setlists but I think I will just say this: DAMN! John Kadlicek sounds like Jerry. His guitar and his voice. Bobby and Phil seemed to get along and the music was splendid. Met lots of great Heads this night. This venue when hitting capapcity is tough to maneuver. I love Jeff Chimaenti, he was underused this evening on keys.

3/16/10 Ben Folds and a Piano/House of Blues/Orlando, Fl
This guy is amazing. Met some friends for my Bday show in OTown. Had a blast. I can't remember his set all that well because I don't listen to him that much, but he is fucking good. He did these beatbox-piano deal on a song that I really loved and thought was unique. He can also play to a crowd. Greta interaction all night. He filled that room up with himself. I would recommend highly going to see him if you are on the fence.

3/24/10 G.Love and Special Sauce/Freebird Live/ Jacksonville Beach, Fl
I tell you what, this band and this man never let me down. Milk and Cereal, Booty Call, Rodeo Clowns Acoustic. The man played 2 sets. Changed his whole setafter the 9th song or so. Incredible! Got to hit backstage, met Money Mark and the Houseman.

4/16-17/10 Wanee Music Festival, Live Oak, Fl
Lots of boomers. Lots of Warren. Lots of Jorma! I have heard very few folks play guitar better in my ears than Warren. Jorma Kaukkonen is one of them. Jorma was there in '09 doing an acoustic set with a mandolin. This year he brought Hot Tuna Electric with him. He plays his guitar so effortlessly and makes that damn thing speak. For 69 years old, he plays like he is 29. Scaring the Children gave me a mid-afternoon Bob Weir Acoustic Trio Dead set. When I Paint my Masterpiece, Maggie's Farm made appearances. I still have no love for Widespread Panic. Sat thru most of there shows both nights. I think JB's shining moment was when he covered Into the Mystic with the Brothers. He sounds like Van Morrison, maybe he should be a Van Morrison cover-guy when Panic calls it quit. Wanee is what a music festival should be: great music with friends. I saw Johnny Winter with ABB. JB and Schools with ABB. Oteil and Warren with Panic. Susan Tedeschi with Johnny Winter. Kofi Burbridge with Mule. Derek Trucks with Johnny Winter and Panic. Cody Dickinson with the Funky Meters. Dr. John with ABB...AND the Funky Meters tore it up too. Ivan Neville really cooks on the Tele. Art Neville is over 70 and he tickles the ivories like no other. What a fun time!! Mule's midnight set was sickness. I saw the debut of The 7 Walkers here. Billy Kreutzmann from the Dead and Papa Mali performing their music and Dead hits. A little Scarlet Begonias goes a long way. I also got my first showing of Dr. John. Really danced a lot during this festival. Can noty wait to do it in '11.

6/10-13/10 Bonnaroo, Manchester, Tenn
Made the 10 hour trip. Key moments at RooJ Dieselboy, Bassnectar, Jeff Beck, Trombone Shorty, John Butler Trio, Zac Brown Band and Jay-Z. HOVA takes the slice as Best in Show. Being front and center for Galactic's Midnight Show was pretty damn solid too. Yes, I did catch Stefan sit in with the Nas. The one thing I rememeber about this year is that it was crazy-hot and oversold. I could only imagine what '09 looked like with Phish. Jesus!

7/13/10 Dave Matthews Tribute Band, The Plaza Theatre, Orlando,Fl
Once agian, lots of Ants, big time party. A nice post WPB get together. So nice to the family out

7/24/10 Jack Johnson, Amway Arena, Orlando, Fl
It's always nice hanging out with Kevin and Danielle. Super accomodating. This was a free show for me as Dave Z hooked me up. He was a good seat buddy. I got harassed all night by some meat heads behind us. Hey, they got us into GA after I refused to sit down and stop dancing The show was so-so. He did have a gaggle of guests including some beefy set of pipes from Hawaii and G. Love on the Harp. Some guys from ALO came out also. Good vibes down in GA. Lots of singing this evening. He ripped thru his hits and new CD. I feel that after 2 hours he played 130 songs.

10/14/10 Vampire Weekend, St. Augustine Amphitheater, St. Aug, FL
I did not like them. My friend took me with her, we were in the pit. They reminded me of the Jonas Brothers on Meth

11/2/10 Levon Helm and Ray Lamontagne, Moran Theater, Jacksonville, Fl
This show was fun! Another freebie, I may add thanks to Roof. Ray came out first and flat out said my live stuff doesn't sound like my album stuff. I think he does live a lot better than his albums. He had pedal steel and a lead guitar with him. Very old-school, country vibe. I love this guys voice. Levon Helm was also great. That guy has to be 179 years old. He had a 12 piece band. 5 horns, B3, 2 Lead guitars (Tele and Strat) Bass, 2 ladies on acoustic and him. Big band sound. Ophelia was great. We had pit seats and when they played this I had to get up and excuse myself to an aisle so I may dance. Unbeknownst to me, he brought out Derek Truicks and Susan Tedeschi for a couple of songs and then they came back with Ray for The Weight. Levon is pretty funny with the crowd also. Some guy yells out "To Hell with Robby Roberts!" To wit Levon replies, "Save a sip for me." Really fun night. Also found out that Chicago Pizza has $5 doubles of Three Olives vodka all-day long. Win!

I still have The Black Keys and Chevelle next week along with Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi for New Years Eve. What a great year.

As for DMB:
Tampa Bay
WPB N1/2
Gorge N1/2/3
MSG N1/2
CVille N1/2

What do I make out of all of this? A really great tour Top 5 Moments on Tour: Cortez with Warren, #41 with Lawlor, Spoon at CVille, Halloween at CVille and WPB N1 (the whole thing) That Watchtower>Halloween was fucking sickness. I said a million times after they have either done that a lot or they had been practicing. After finding out that Halloween was not on the setlist, I guess they are just really damn good. I have seen an amazing tour with some world-class folks. I want to thank all of you so very much if I have met you along the way.

Have a safe holiday and great '11.
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