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DMB1998-05-27.daud.shnf (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band

May 27, 1998

Sandstone Amphitheatre

Bonner Springs, KS

Taper: ???

Source: ???

Conversion: DA-P1 > COAX/TOSLINK converter > Dio2448 >

Cool Edit Pro v1.2a > CDWav > mkwACT >

Plextor 12/10/32A via Adaptec

Disc #1:

1. Intro 0:31

2. PNP Intro -> 1:50

3. Pantala Naga Pampa -> 0:39

4. Rapunzel 6:46

5. Two Step 9:08

6. Lie In Our Graves 12:24

7. Don't Drink the Water 8:08

8. Stay (Wasting Time) 7:00

9. Jimi Thing 14:46

10. Pig 7:11

Disc #2:

1. Tripping Billies 9:14

2. The Last Stop 9:31

3. Crash Into Me 6:53

4. The Dreaming Tree 13:06

5. The Stone 8:19

6. So Much To Say -> 4:08

7. Anyone Seen the Bridge -> 1:21

8. Too Much 8:14


9. Granny 5:09

10. Drive In Drive Out 6:28


There's a drop-out in the PNP Intro track. Since it's not

during any REAL songs, I just left it there.

There is a tape cut after The Last Stop... seems like someone switched tapes. Since it's not near any music, I left it as-is.

compiled by Henry Hart on 11.25.01

d12cc8ee2ea19b7cf5c052ba87691bbd *dmb1998-05-27-d1t01.shn
ee66cc2234f3482d3cccb257ff1d937b *dmb1998-05-27-d1t02.shn
42d557c492e4552e7f76fc68e257015d *dmb1998-05-27-d1t03.shn
38571091cfe9d128528f137b7abc1245 *dmb1998-05-27-d1t04.shn
44d2c5231fdd040f92e3d474a2d081b8 *dmb1998-05-27-d1t05.shn
00507e7d4845d5480a29ed8b707290b2 *dmb1998-05-27-d1t06.shn
2b66b803d4e07eda77ccdb68699c6d3c *dmb1998-05-27-d1t07.shn
be06f05a4a4703a6ecb21c4a716bd0e7 *dmb1998-05-27-d1t08.shn
6c8ed74eec74671c6124f6631cec4ddc *dmb1998-05-27-d1t09.shn
d8412b96d858e271f8b633bd4bbc3cbd *dmb1998-05-27-d1t10.shn
23d5ba2c474df70b3479072dfafc7737 *dmb1998-05-27-d2t01.shn
a28a7e192ddca4f1c5c2837e2db2ea42 *dmb1998-05-27-d2t02.shn
2c6a4374a78996fbf59f41c82d21b74a *dmb1998-05-27-d2t03.shn
8f96c86ec70f5d0afc8cbb7f4f9cd3b0 *dmb1998-05-27-d2t04.shn
84c4251065a2689987cc3dab1b04d68a *dmb1998-05-27-d2t05.shn
5b7881b44c535cd62c450b06eb0f50e1 *dmb1998-05-27-d2t06.shn
9f250282a96fcb8854a5bf9cf668490a *dmb1998-05-27-d2t07.shn
436e0e9e10d35682244b4a2c0613b503 *dmb1998-05-27-d2t08.shn
fd3d077240e477eb8c9010da22e96ffe *dmb1998-05-27-d2t09.shn
3bbdc4ec556965d04357ac1537ef1692 *dmb1998-05-27-d2t10.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB1998-05-27.daud.shnf (Unknown)

    thank you !!
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