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Re: ** The Trump Thread SAFE SPACE ** (NO Personal Attacks; NO Trolling)

[QUOTE=zajDmB1;17118909] Well, to piggyback off this then for a real discussion, how do you, as a right-winger, defend a lot of things Trump says/does while making a dig at the left like that? I was being hyperbolic. As is Trump a lot of the time.

I'm not going to call him a fascist or a Nazi, but the dude is one breath away from trying to stop the press from saying anything bad about him. And he discredits it daily, while simultaneously propping up ONE network. And fucking talks to one of them before bed? State media much? Not to mention his weird love of horrible dictators. He literally shits on anyone and everyone except Putin and Duterte for some reason. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump brings back KONY 2012 as an inspirational tale of how to lead people.

I don't think Trump is going to ban the media from anything. He can't. But he fights them and wins. Trust in old media is around attorney and used car salesman numbers. His method is working. But if you do what he does, you have to play the long game. If you show weakness, they will pounce.

Also, how do you reconcile years of shitting on city-dwelling, east coast liberal elites and support one of THE most NYC elite people alive. He literally lives in a gold tower with his name on it.

I admire Trump. I always have. There's nothing to reconcile there. But I am open to being convinced I am wrong if I've looked something awful. My trust in POTUS is above Reagan levels, when since Bush I it's been below used car salesman levels.

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    fuck antifa!

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