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Re: **Best DMB Tab Sites**

Originally Posted by bmblmoo5 View Post
Getting back into playing and seems dmbtabs.com no longer exists/functions? What's the best alternative? That was definitely my go-to back...15 years ago.
John K
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    Re: **Best DMB Tab Sites**

    that is great
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    Re: **Best DMB Tab Sites**

    Hey all,

    I havent posted in awhile, but wanted to push some of my music out.

    Take a listen when you can. Thanks a ton. Spotify link below, but it's on all streaming platforms. "rzl - switch"

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    Cats are the damn best
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    Re: **Best DMB Tab Sites**

    Just a heads up and bump - help support DaveTabs: http://www.davetabs.com/

    Creating and maintaining DaveTabs for the past decade has been an awesome undertaking. The goal has always been to keep the site active and up-to-date, but for various reasons including a site infrastructure (backend, tools, etc) that is now very much out-of-date, the site has reached a bit of a crossroads. Essentially a complete recreation is needed at this point or the site will start becoming inactive around mid-March (old backend tools start fully expiring then).

    Resulting from this Patreon, it is my hope to be able to commit the significant time, effort and costs towards recreating the site from its foundation to provide an all new and even better experience than before that can continue well into the future. Once back up, this Patreon should also allow for some really interesting and engaging opportunities that could only come from bringing together this dedicated group in this way.

    If you are someone who enjoys using the site and wants to help support it (and/or if you may enjoy being part of this special community once we're back up and running), I ask you to please consider joining/supporting!​​​

    More discussion here: https://antsmarching.org/forum/showthread.php?t=354716
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