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Re: *The Official: Vote For Me Thread*

anyone know how many points it takes to win these tunespeak contests? I entered a DMB one this morning and am up to 1,100 points and have been stuck in 39th for awhile. Reading some posts above, I see some folks were up to 20,000 or so. That's nuts! How do yall accumulate so much?
and if nothing can be done, we'll make the best of what's around.

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    O! H!
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    Re: *The Official: Vote For Me Thread*

    Hey everyone.

    I posted a while back about an opportunity I had with the Chopped at home competition. Well out of 5000 dishes, mine was selected as a top 10 finalist. It's all down to votes now. Winner gets flown out to NYC and appears on Chopped.

    You can vote 5x a day on each different browser and device - but if I can get any help from you guys at all, I'd appreciate it more than you know.

    Thanks so much and make the most of today!

    Jantz Spalding

    Facebook II Twitter: @jspalding
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    Re: *The Official: Vote For Me Thread*

    hey everyone! I would really appreciate some help with my Tunespeak...take some time to enjoy DMB photos songs and videos while also lending me a hand!

    thank you!

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    Re: *The Official: Vote For Me Thread*

    I'm sure you (we) all want to win a trip to the gorge and/or that guitar, so if you want to try to get referrals you can put your links in here. Don't make threads for them.

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    Austin Tailgate Map
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    Re: *The Official: Vote For Me Thread*

    Obvious spam but toss a fake email address in this for me. Please.

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