How do I manage my ratio? - Forums
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How do I manage my ratio?

You need to upload as much as you download. Your client should be able to show you what your ratio is for each torrent, do not stop the torrent until it has reached 1:1 or above.

If you are having trouble getting to 1:1, perhaps because no one else wants to download it from you, then try making a torrent and uploading that.
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    Re: How do I manage my ratio?

    Matt, are we tracking individual ratios?
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    Re: How do I manage my ratio?

    Hey, I just want to say thanks to the site ops for embracing BT.

    This is really exceptional
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    Re: How do I manage my ratio?

    Originally Posted by Prez View Post
    Matt, are we tracking individual ratios?
    doesn't sound like it.
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    Re: How do I manage my ratio?

    Matt, how can I see what my status is according to your database. I DLed a show last night, and let it seed through the night and through today...still seeding now....wondering how it's helping my status?
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