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DMB2000-12-08.sms2000.shnf (Greg Mendelsohn)

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Dave Matthews Band
December 08, 2000
Bryce Jordan Arena
State College, PA

Taper: Greg Mendelsohn
Source: Micro Tech Gefell SMS 2000/M21->Beyer MV100-
Sony SBM1->Sony TCD-D100
From: 10th row stage left, stand 16'

DAT:CD: Greg Mendelsohn
Equip: Sony PCM-R300 > Tascam CD-RW5000
(DAT direct to CD, no computer involved)


Disc One:
01: Intro / Blue Water Baboon Farm-> * - 0:03:36.28
02: JTR - 0:07:29.60
03: Satellite - 0:05:27.93
04: What Would You Say - 0:07:01.88
05: One Sweet World - 0:09:45.00
06: Granny - 0:05:22.37
07: Bartender - 0:11:20.05
08: #41 - 0:13:37.73
09: So Much To Say - 0:04:39.78

Disc Two:
01: Anyone Seen the Bridge-> - 0:01:27.00
02: Too Much - 0:05:31.00
03: Grey Street - 0:08:20.00
02: True Reflections - 0:07:56.78
03: Lie In Our Graves - 0:13:01.06
04: All Along the Watchtower - 0:17:26.70
05: Christmas Song % - 0:05:50.25
06: Halloween % - 0:05:36.84
07: Ants Marching - 0:09:12.06

* - Dave Solo. (last complete full band version 2-25-95, teased
% - Dave and Carter

if SMTS-->ASTB-->Too Much is combined, disc one runs 74:30, but i
decided to stick with the standard 74 minute disc. there were no edits
or fades, so if you want to put that set of songs all on one disc, use
an 80 minute disc for disc one. also, that set of songs won't fit on
disc two either. there is no way to have them combined and use 74
minute discs, unless you want to waste three discs for the show

924f4e47497877640ceea47719f6bb49 *dmb2000-12-08sms2000d1t01.shn
bd123235d9114c6eccb0483275a0421b *dmb2000-12-08sms2000d1t02.shn
123dde337dd363878ea042ff18f0ea28 *dmb2000-12-08sms2000d1t03.shn
6346d413cf4df758b06c225ce18d6665 *dmb2000-12-08sms2000d1t04.shn
4f5d2cc3298e07dba98193ace82da8ed *dmb2000-12-08sms2000d1t05.shn
3a48cd49524288a80f0c6cbdac12d4d6 *dmb2000-12-08sms2000d1t06.shn
0a50be3cc52a6a6367e66339d1560911 *dmb2000-12-08sms2000d1t07.shn
329f653f5c147b9187df6b5daeaaec7c *dmb2000-12-08sms2000d1t08.shn
12c31eb781220e788cf9c367cb308c9b *dmb2000-12-08sms2000d1t09.shn

7c44423bdc135f98a7972b68a34b400e *dmb2000-12-08sms2000d2t01.shn
739717d3f35407a905a3bad8f4bfa2c8 *dmb2000-12-08sms2000d2t02.shn
8f216db59f017d471a2e73927a7082db *dmb2000-12-08sms2000d2t03.shn
72bf5f3bcc574948cd4579512a9e25c8 *dmb2000-12-08sms2000d2t04.shn
7bb61e79d5ee935b5ddb47982f72c3ee *dmb2000-12-08sms2000d2t05.shn
ca25a1c2cd04b4178031d15ec9e0a75d *dmb2000-12-08sms2000d2t06.shn
ae973893e326e0e3d942198a1bd9b872 *dmb2000-12-08sms2000d2t07.shn
55fe5f0acb4d985193c53ac45bdf9ab7 *dmb2000-12-08sms2000d2t08.shn
316d0a3ca8119c3753a94f62d1b908fc *dmb2000-12-08sms2000d2t09.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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