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DMB2022-07-02.AKGck63.flac16 (Crumbo)

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Dave Matthews Band
Alpine Valley Music Theatre
East Troy, WI
July 2, 2022

Taper: Crumbo
Location: Section 201, Row W, Seats 5-7
Source: AKG ck63 (DINa-ish, ~15') > NBob Actives > nbox platinum > Sony PCM-M10 (24/96)
Conversion: Sony PCM-M10 > Wave Editor 1.58 (iZotope Resampler, iZotope MBIT+ Dither) > xACT 2.26

***24/96 Version exists in flac format***

01. Intro 02:42.35
02. Pig 07:41.53
03. Grace Is Gone > 08:42.09
04. Madman's Eyes 07:31.73
05. Come On Come On 07:09.19
06. When the World Ends 03:51.66
07. You Might Die Trying 10:02.70
08. Stay or Leave 05:23.72
09. The Only Thing 06:25.25
10. #41 11:36.05
11. Fool in the Rain 06:53.19
12. So Damn Lucky 11:02.56
13. The Song That Jane Likes 05:33.12
14. Say Goodbye 09:13.30
15. Grey Street 08:30.30
16. Steady As We Go 04:36.44
17. Pantala Naga Pampa > Rapunzel 07:13.32
18. Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin) 05:04.24
19. Dancing Nancies > 10:18.01
20. Warehouse 09:35.64
21. Encore Break 05:53.31
22. Rye Whiskey * 04:19.23
23. Two Step 11:00.41

Total: 170:22.09

-Thanks to Jason for the clamp space
* Dave Solo

Compiled By Crumbo 7-5-2022

;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.35 on 2022-07-05 21:47:46 +0000

dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t01.flac:48abf96f18dde93e46961271f9a63 211
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t02.flac:068d4d9ec86ede5a545c352fe3e53 7ea
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t03.flac:278bcda7037b9aa2b81884ba5ce03 2b4
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t04.flac:94f39c0af9a7d4cf32f9d363ca166 f18
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t05.flac:a77285256fbcd33f883d0159aea33 674
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t06.flac:3748c48201407091e6b778fe95884 e72
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t07.flac:111dd06b3a52b931657cd1352b774 133
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t08.flac:4e8b9e4f000071b12c10d44b5727b 625
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t09.flac:99363a6159e2329e6b0cf4742b494 a01
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t10.flac:231a5dd171372eeecc85f8e880ee5 a44
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t11.flac:4722b278848db94ee05454573ffca f8d
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t12.flac:09aa7090ea4e443c8506c2171597d 434
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t13.flac:31d69799ee83b77a585fd0539a1ba 38b
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t14.flac:067d01fd5eaa18476e82613091810 449
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t15.flac:24c3fb726cae423f9860d81c08f94 fc3
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t16.flac:62cbd4d24e15e851cc81b7a4e6ba9 bba
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t17.flac:609d7e60b17463cb9b45266ae7dd1 882
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t18.flac:03ce85b99941c1838982ff4601c53 fa9
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t19.flac:ba48561ea3f2514c24792c3dfe582 61b
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t20.flac:35e04e3ba383da7d03c2d786dd529 362
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t21.flac:5e7ad6cf914319332ece07e2eeffc 13c
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t22.flac:516ffc0ed6ac3e711e64e516b7992 92a
dmb2022-07-02.ck63.m10.t23.flac:0f6a69910d9f1ab88cba99ad000c2 865

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB2022-07-02.AKGck63.flac16 (Crumbo)

    I hope you get enough recognition for all the hard work you do for the community. Even if the comments section is blank, every single download comes with a huge amount of gratitude, I hope you know that. Thank you for the years and years of work you have done allowing us to relive these shows!
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