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DMB2010-02-22.at853.flac16 (MLK)

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Dave Matthews Band

Place: Milan, IT
Venue: PalaSharp
Date: February 22, 2010
Taper: MLK

Recording Equipment: AT853 (C) > 3-Wire Battery Box > Edirol R09HR [24/48]
Audio Transfer: SD-Card > USB Reader > PC HDD > Audition 3 >
> CD Wave Editor 1.98 (Track Splitting) > R8Brain 1.9 (24/48 to 16/44) > TLH 2.4.1 > FLAC Level 8

*** 16 bit ***

Total Running Time: 2h34m08s

WAV: 1.52GB


Main Set:

01.[09:53] Proudest Monkey
02.[05:36] Satellite
03.[08:41] You Might Die Trying
04.[06:11] Funny The Way It Is
05.[06:25] Seven
06.[06:33] Squirm
07.[06:46] Crash (Into Me)
08.[10:26] So Damn Lucky
09.[11:56] Lying In the Hands of God
10.[04:35] Why I Am
11.[10:50] Dancing Nancies
12.[04:10] Shake Me Like a Monkey
13.[16:40] Jimi Thing
14.[04:30] Burning Down The House
15.[05:21] You and Me
16.[11:53] Donít Drink the Water / Encore Break


17.[05:45] Baby Blue
18.[07:45] Everyday
19.[10:03] Ants Marching

mlk // march 7, 2010

; wholefile md5 checksum file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on March 8, 2010, at 00.06.11

e469a265c0aed7d869ab28938ab5f198 *dmb2010-02-22.t01.flac
5b9d63789b89f1109cc328cbcfdb898e *dmb2010-02-22.t02.flac
36a33a8fabb709459e088d304d5c96f0 *dmb2010-02-22.t03.flac
4c0ceb198a2be124724602dd5f12ba37 *dmb2010-02-22.t04.flac
21b2ebfbe67eee8bde57dfa0472612f2 *dmb2010-02-22.t05.flac
1795184284d5ae099d70d7d8b9e05691 *dmb2010-02-22.t06.flac
73779cdc7937c218c61d58ad15d3c96b *dmb2010-02-22.t07.flac
6432dc3f31455b2fd2363304e2ff3e62 *dmb2010-02-22.t08.flac
6abfe4464a45e4f6b0ab2d8613bb3ef6 *dmb2010-02-22.t09.flac
88359722ae7b4bfb9c97f56d2aac88b2 *dmb2010-02-22.t10.flac
cd5e5fcd6dac877f257991973dee2889 *dmb2010-02-22.t11.flac
41af0ca283b376ecfc7918ae3ce0f4f6 *dmb2010-02-22.t12.flac
1e8fa48aa24e6dfe8310e27061e427e3 *dmb2010-02-22.t13.flac
ba27c3488cb71511fa54c937accaa708 *dmb2010-02-22.t14.flac
453f61388ea9d6d8314dca25dfc4ed26 *dmb2010-02-22.t15.flac
8a7471c270c49d28ffc3d81520dab316 *dmb2010-02-22.t16.flac
e102598cadb938c7e5279ea468fa218e *dmb2010-02-22.t17.flac
804a026b57c4154e4d6fe88abe72fcb0 *dmb2010-02-22.t18.flac
81c1bb043d504ef030cc8048eb870315 *dmb2010-02-22.t19.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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