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DMB2018-07-28.mxl604.flac16 (Noam Yemini)

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Dave Matthews Band
July 28, 2018
Coral Sky Amphitheatre
West Palm Beach, FL

Taper: Noam Yemini (
Location: Soundboard, Rear
Source: MXL 604 (~12) > Tascam DR-44WL (48/24)
Conversion: Tascam DR-44WL > Adobe Audition > wav(44.1/16) > xACT 2.45

***A 24bit, 48kHz version also exists***

00: Intro
01: That Girl Is You*
02: Everyday*
03: Louisiana Bayou*
04: Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)*
05: Captain*
06: Dancing Nancies*->
07: Warehouse*
08: Sledgehammer*
09: Again and Again*
10: Hello Again*
11: #41*
12: Idea of You*
13: All Along the Watchtower*
14: Lover Lay Down*
15: Can't Stop*
16: Jimi Thing*->
17: Sexy M.F.*[partial]**
18: You & Me*
19: Grey Street*
20: Some Devil*
21: Come Tomorrow
22: Pantala Naga Pampa*-> Rapunzel

- Thanks to DMB Road Crew, especially Tommy Lyon

Compiled by Noam Yemini 07-29-2018

;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.45 on 2018-07-30 02:05:47 +0000

dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_00.flac:a3263fa1ce5fcc932a5da0bc146102 32
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_01.flac:687b197d052b85e9bb66daeffcc16d af
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_02.flac:232ea4e20206127daebc05a15d323d 77
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_03.flac:f6e2010ff027b82c0934d63a0fd2e9 2b
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_04.flac:8619699a89ee1d6181b1625ebbcb5d c7
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_05.flac:be3bd9870388ea151dd2720399c259 b5
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_06.flac:503187d601ff2de22a0b66db5658d0 5a
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_07.flac:1b8d1561a9de4d5fd062cb3e87245e f5
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_08.flac:c7724d18e7bcd8d7b06fc8bd1b1563 71
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_09.flac:e71846f3c0b9ab0e384490ca083fa7 31
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_10.flac:1b2a21091ceabc72c6e24c449870d1 2c
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_11.flac:8f762acc6de3f390acfb369f927274 05
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_12.flac:21f1095365d8d276fd628c93953796 3d
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_13.flac:164dc49cf57fdb8076e519f7e51ddb e3
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_14.flac:7e9dc6e64dc894efbc94ecbc3071c0 be
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_15.flac:b512138644244b8083d987208ee657 5d
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_16.flac:eeaea25f83975c098eb9bab323d698 79
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_17.flac:2cef58b231187ae1498a9b212d2c20 6f
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_18.flac:5055d4501043e8373bccf36fb1076b 4f
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_19.flac:a1b7e59686e8a161b6931fe6355032 60
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_20.flac:bed770cdf3ddcdaa9d88d3ae85c2ca da
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_21.flac:3347519ab9d34756086697c15cdc24 a2
dmb2018-07-28.flac16.t_22.flac:fa601c92265ec5ce8d04a9c8d5d951 02

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB2018-07-28.mxl604.flac16 (Noam Yemini)

    Thank you. Now I can always enjoy that version of All Along the Watchtower. It was my first time hearing it live.
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    Re: DMB2018-07-28.mxl604.flac16 (Noam Yemini)

    Thank you very much!
    Originally Posted by DeepTrax View Post
    everyone will be happy to get their hands on the gems. some of them will unlock magic. leroi is the fire. remember that.
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    Re: DMB2018-07-28.mxl604.flac16 (Noam Yemini)

    Thanks! Great Night!
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