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Re: Official Phish Discussion

Originally Posted by mr. testaverde View Post
12/1/95 mike's->weekapaug

My first show!

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    Re: Official Phish Discussion

    Originally Posted by dmb31fan View Post
    Can someone recommend a live phish album on vinyl for someone who does not have any live phish albums? Have been getting into them/jam bands in general lately and want to get a Phish show on vinyl but don't want to spend $400 if I don't have to. Thanks!

    Also as someone who doesn't know much about live Phish, how are these Clifford Ball shows regarded amongst fans in the band's live repertoire?
    The only Phish live releases on vinyl are:

    Slip, Stick & Pass ($84)
    A Live One ($200)
    NYE '95 ($385)
    Baker's Dozen ($150)
    LP on LP vol. 1 & 2 ($20/ea)
    Clifford Ball (coming soon, but $400)

    LP on LP is still available for face value if you poke around, however, they're single songs. Front/back one long song. They're very good releases but just single songs so probably not what you're looking for.

    All the others are up there in price. Slip Stitch is the most "affordable" but it's a comp that I would only characterize as middle of the pack in terms of live representation.

    If I was you, I'd save my money (unless you're loaded). You're looking to dabble; These are all investments. You can stream a TON of live Phish on Spotify and even more with a $10 subscription to the Live Phish app. That'd be a better use of your money to get started IMO.

    That said, if you're itching to drop $200 or so on a release, A Live One is 100% the route to go.

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