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DM_1989-01-01.ASBD(UnknownGen.)>CD.shnf (ASBD - Unknown)

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Dave Matthews
Mother's Night Tape 1989

Source: ASBD (Unknown Gen.) > CD
Conversion: Optimus SCT-86 > AudioSource EQ 100 > Pioneer PDR-555RW [Eric Naylor]
Editing: GoldWave v4.02 [Eric Naylor]

Track Name Time
1. Mother's Night * 06:46.69


* This is a Dave solo basement recording from around 1/1989. This recording supposedly
originated from a tape Tim Reynolds recorded. This is the only known recording of the
song, and is also the only known performance of it too.

a10e9233c8836d88c753b9b94fb29a20 *dm1989-xx-xx_t01.shn
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    Re: DM_1989-01-01.ASBD(UnknownGen.)>CD.shnf (ASBD - Unknown)

    neat! thank you!
    Originally Posted by skywalker View Post
    Stop comparing albums. Every album is different. Thats the point of making a new album, to create something new and different. To evolve. just sit back relax and go with the flow.
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