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DMB1998-12-17.akg480.shnf (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
December 17, 1998
Hilton Coliseum - Iowa State Center
Ames, Iowa

Taper: ???
Source: AKG 480 > Oade 248 > SBM-1 > D100

Conversion: DA-P1 > COAX/TOSLINK converter > Dio2440 >
Cool Edit Pro v2.0 > CDWav > MKWact

Disc #1:
1. Intro 01:41:69
2. PNP Intro -> 04:31:43
3. Pantala Naga Pampa -> 00:41:01
4. Rapunzel 07:56:35
5. Rhyme & Reason 07:11:08
6. Don't Drink the Water 08:00:06
7. Anyone Seen the Bridge? -> 01:27:15
8. Too Much 06:19:40
9. Pig 08:25:07
10. What WOuld You Say? * 06:55:49
11. The Last Stop 12:04:25
Total: 65:14

Disc #2:
1. The Maker 05:45:18
2. Jimi Thing 14:38:54
3. Crash Into Me 06:57:21
4. Two Step 12:56:52
5. Ants Marching 14:31:65
6. Christmas Song (Dave, Tim, Carter) 06:50:41
7. Tripping Billies 07:01:41
Total: 68:41

* w/Maceo Parker
Entire show with Tim Reynolds

There is a tape flip after Two Step, so there is a very quick
fade in/out after the song.

Slight spots of diginoise in the tape. You really have to
listen to pick it up and I figured I couldn't do anything to
fix the problem, so I left the show as-is.

Compiled by Henry Hart on 12.10.01 (Today is 9.25.02, I
figured the problems with this tape can be dealt with since
I've yet to find another source of the show, so I'm sending
it out)

3c962c65d43ea5a63d18d3873e36ff23 *dmb1998-12-17-d1t01.shn
568787a7f293419c02c096d9617829f7 *dmb1998-12-17-d1t02.shn
cc25c1af9ae2f6f0f18c270ea8294d33 *dmb1998-12-17-d1t03.shn
85d4fb92c042e61f0dde0c76cb83f41f *dmb1998-12-17-d1t04.shn
d98de77d9305a3c1b822a1eae1cf8ddc *dmb1998-12-17-d1t05.shn
b250e9e15515b269e60b00c7e6880ebf *dmb1998-12-17-d1t06.shn
b1df4fb354ae10cb6fcd3a4ebb2cf91f *dmb1998-12-17-d1t07.shn
eb3a5d5dd23f3ae5fd3ca54733cd067d *dmb1998-12-17-d1t08.shn
6240aa79a1b85bb9137dd89f323684fa *dmb1998-12-17-d1t09.shn
2313c35f1110ad20c9f2756735567f15 *dmb1998-12-17-d1t10.shn
bdc0145451139c6a405766486d49e09f *dmb1998-12-17-d1t11.shn

951b5b54ba190b330734d56258d15ab2 *dmb1998-12-17-d2t01.shn
9992b650b356ef271e620b9e2fdd6378 *dmb1998-12-17-d2t02.shn
58b0f13ba690bfd3b76493a16a69ce66 *dmb1998-12-17-d2t03.shn
c1f5397396ec580ec7a8dd8b2bc2d2d2 *dmb1998-12-17-d2t04.shn
4015206d74335ba5c76926c8515db569 *dmb1998-12-17-d2t05.shn
e36bfe2d0dac1e1d26f931cf00af5d47 *dmb1998-12-17-d2t06.shn
97c49bda447cc3313aaf06d817ef477d *dmb1998-12-17-d2t07.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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